Friday, April 28, 2006

Crucify my love

Composed, Arranged, Performed by: X Japan

Crucify my love
If my love is blind
Cruify my love
If it sets me free
Never know Never trust
That love should see a color
Crucify my love
If it should be that way

Swing the heartache
Feel it inside out
When the wind cries
I'll say good-bye
Tried to learn, tried to find
To reach out for eternity
Where's the answer
Is this forever

Like a river flowing to the sea
You'll be miles away and I will know
I know I can deal with the pain
No reason to cry

Crucify my love
If my love is blind
Cruify my love
If it sets me free
Never know Never trust
That love should see a color
Crucify my love
If it should be that way

Til the loneliness shadows the sky
I'll be sailing down and I will know
I know I can clear clouds away
Oh is it a crime to love

Swing the heartache
Feel it inside out
When the wind cries
I'll say good-by
Tried to learn, tried to find
To reach out for eternity
Where's the answer
Is this forever

If my love is blind
Cruify my love
If it sets me free
Never know Never trust
" That love should see a color "
Crucify my love
If it should be that way

Thursday, April 27, 2006

I jogged today! And I will jog tml!

K guys, please go and buy 4D!

I had done the impossible! I had actually jogged for a good ol' 1/2 HR!

Amazing! And best part of all, I didn't walk at all during the 1/2 hr!

It's 1/2 Hr of pure good ol' jogging =)

K before you all say that yeah.. right...tml he will stop jogging and blame it on some injuries like ankle pain or finger pain etc. I promise that I will continue to this exercise regime to make sure that I slim down =)

So if u are my friend, please sms or msn me tml to remind me to jog ok?

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Bassist with pedals? Sure or not

K I am mad... I'm now turning from a plug-in and play bassist to one that's building an arsenal of pedals.

Currently I have:

Korg DT-10 - One of the best Stomp Box Tuner around. It's damn responsive and accurate

Boss ODB-3 - An ok only overdrive pedal for bass. Uses it only as a fuzz box for songs like Time is running out or By the way etc.

Boss CEB-2 - This pedal is old...Made in the 1980s and made in japan, it gives out a damn rich and lush chorus, so lush and dreamy that u can swim in it. It's damn good for soloing and tapping =)

AMT Bass EQ - This EQ Pedal smoothens out my sound

Soon to have:

Aphex Bass Xciter - This will be the end of my signal chain for DI and thickening of my bass tone

Aphex Punch Factory - This compressor will hopefully give me the punch and tightness that's needed

Why do I need so many pedals then?

1) My bass is not that good and need pedals etc. to boast it

2) I'm experimenting with different kind of sounds that I can create. Look at the bassist from Zhen...She's Farking good with effects lor

3) Who says bassist can't have pedals?

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Riddle time.... =)

What's the 3 most difficult words for a guy to say to a girl?

Don't Know?

Give up?

Come on, u can do it...

Give up?

The answer is "I love you"

K who am I decieving with this happy title when this post is obviously going to be sad... (to be continued...)

Saturday, April 22, 2006

HCJC can rock too

On saturday, I help out Luth and Gang settle a concert for HCJC. Thinking that Zhiyang will be performing, I happily teased my friends who love / like / adore / worship him that I will be doing a gig in HCJC and I'll get to see him. All of them wanted me to bring them along, which I refuse of coz. Work is work mah.

Wellz.. the best part is that I only got to see Zhiyang buying food in the tuckshop. He never performed, which doesn't matter to me as I am not a fan of Zhiyang or Zhiyangs anyway (think the HAiRRY Monster that we know from ACF)

K enough of Zhiyangs... Doing the gig in HCJC was quite shoik Why?

1) I finally get to use the word "Tuckshop" after the close to a decade wait

2) Seeing the bands perform remind me of my first gig in my JC

3) Doing a gig like this make me miss SMU and remind me that I'm a graduate now

4) There's an all girl band that can actually play music! And it's the time of music tat will impress me

5) I meet my SMU Junior there and it's until late at night that I realise she's a finalist of Superhost.

6) I met a cute girl called Pamela, chatted with her alot...BUT I DIDN'T GET HER NUMBER... someone just shot me on the head....Or get me her number =) How cute is she? She looks like Chisato Morishita in a chinese package.

K Lets review the performance now

A) The first performance was done by two dudes on acoustic guitar. It was quite enjoyable except that the singer needed pitching lessons and more training vocally. If I was singing, I think I would overpower him and that shows alot about his vocal power.

If you are reading this bro, no offense ok? Do warmups before you sing and please do vocal exercises to improve your range and pitching. Do perform more so that you are more used to the stage

B) The second band performed one song, which is the School of Rock as an openning song for more good things to come. They are quite good. The bass and drums is tight. The guitar solo's is quite ok. The singer can sing. The only thing they need to improve on is more stage presence. And have a kick ass attitude. Perhaps it's coz they are in JC and are too guai... but then it's a rock concert dude... Loosen up and have fun yar?

C) The 3rd band had this amazing vocalist with the lungs of a V6 Sports engine. Together with her amazing stage presence, she totally kicked ass. She's damn impressive. Watching her sing realli makes me feel that she's in the zone and she feels her song. Her band's good too. But personally, I feel that the guitarist should loosen up abit. She performed well when she's in the zone but most of the time, she's in the panic zone...and you can feel her being afraid of the crowd.

Do relax gal, if you can't face the audience, then don't face them. Close your eyes or wear a mask. It works sometimes =)

D) The 4th band is quite alright. They did popular rock songs like Creep, Zombie, My sacriface etc. During the sound check, they were so stiff that Muhd has to pyscho them to loosen up and ENJOY the gig. In the end, they did deliver their show well. Although I still feel that 7 Till Dawn could do a better job then them but we are more experienced, so it's kinda unfair. We should groom the younger folkz, encourage them to play more music instead of killing off their passion with rude comments etc.

So guys, if you see this, you all ROCK! Do the best and you will be the best! Train more and take lessons if needed. Musicianship is never without pain =) Jia u k! And please change your STRINGS!!!

E) My fave band, of coz, is the all girl band. They are quite amazing imho due to the songs they play like Play the funky music, Californacation etc. They are quite good musically and chio too. So that will make them Pretty Talents?

The guitarist is damn lucky too, she has a Gibson ES137...but then she has to use a multi effects, which affected how first she can change her patches for songs... which is bad. She also need to put on STRAP LOCKS!!! SO please do ok?

The bassist is a quite alright. Her bass is damn light, I think I can jump and fly with it. And she's quite cute also =)

The vocalist has a nice voice and stage presence. I think she can charm many guys off their visa cards if she wants too.

Well if any of you are reading this, or your friends are reading this, please contact me ok? I may have a gig for u =) You gals are great and deserve to perform more!

F) The final band, which is actually the first band. They are great and reminded me of the sisimo band. The guy could become Anthony part II, considering that they play alot of ol' school rock n roll. You guys are great. Rock on and rock HARD! Watch more outside gigs to improve your stage presence. Amongst all the bands, you all are the closest that can be branded as a non-JC or sec-school band. Get rid of the guainess and lose yourself in the music. Feel it more ok? and move around more =)

All the bands that performed have potential to be great! They just need more gigs, more chances to perform and more support from the school and their friends.

Rock on HCJC and may the other JCs follow their lead =)

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Wat's a nightmare?

K I know that my nightmares are all wierd, especially with my last one regarding BBQ and fires etc.

This one will really make all guys go OMGZ!!!

I dreamed that I was promoted from a good ol' CPL to a 2SG!!!

No offences to those 3SG and above people around but being a 2SG means more shit, more responsiblities and more stuff to do. In addition, you have to jaga more duties and lead a platoon around.

Therefore, this dream realli takes on the title as the WORST NIGHTMARE EVER!!!

May I stay as CPL until I end my reservist =)

I'm suffering from G.A.S

What's G.A.S?

It's Gear Aquiring Symdrome aka GAS. A common disease that struck guitarist, bassist, keyboardist, drummers etc. whenever they chance upon gear or gears that sound like heaven or hell to them.

This 2 weeks, I had my turn of GAS... Why?

1st - AMT Bass EQ - $150
2nd - Boss ODB-3 Bass Overdrive (traded my Hartke for it)
3rd - Boss CEB-2 Bass Chorus

My happiest GAS is actually the Boss CEB-2. It's so rich, lush and warm that I feel that I'm diving in a nice cool lake in a tropical paradise. So nice that I'm totally lost in it.

KC was shock by how rich it sound like and it's the first bass effect that he like
Firal was cursing at me for getting it b4 him (yet again muahahha)
Antz was surprised at how nice it sounded with an acoustic guitar

Now I'm looking for a nice Gotoh Black 201 Bridge and Black machine heads for my Yamaha to improve it's looks and tone.

At least GAS is a better disease then depression or love-sickness

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

A short song

A short song, about a guy's secret crush on a gal. Hope you like it...This will be one of the last song that I'll write for her, coz I feel that we do belong to different worlds. Maybe someday, our world will collide but I doubt so...
A toad will be a toad, never to fly, never to soar.
Welcome back to earth
Welcome back to a reality where you would want to live in your dreams......

There's so much that I want to say...
But I say nothing at all...
I'm pertified when I see you
By everything that you do
Coz I love you...(I love you)

If only I could tell you...
The feeling's deep inside
That's being growing every single day
Every moment that I see you
Coz I love you...(I love you)

If I could only find the words
That I meant to say to you
If I could find the courage deep inside,
To say that I love you....

Coz I need you....

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

You're Beautiful....

My life is brilliant.
My love is pure.
I saw an angel.
Of that I'm sure.
She smiled at me on the subway.
She was with another man.
But I won't lose no sleep on that,
'Cause I've got a plan.

You're beautiful. You're beautiful.
You're beautiful, it's true.
I saw you face in a crowded place,
And I don't know what to do,
'Cause I'll never be with you.

Yeah, she caught my eye,
As we walked on by.
She could see from my face that I was,
Fucking high,
And I don't think that I'll see her again,
But we shared a moment that will last till the end.

You're beautiful. You're beautiful.
You're beautiful, it's true.
I saw you face in a crowded place,
And I don't know what to do,
'Cause I'll never be with you.
You're beautiful. You're beautiful.
You're beautiful, it's true.
There must be an angel with a smile on her face,
When she thought up that I should be with you.
But it's time to face the truth,
I will never be with you.

Performed by: James Blunt

Monday, April 17, 2006

Emo Elmo...

K the weirdest thing happen to me on Sunday evening.

While mugging for IT & Law, I was listening to my array of songs.

As the familar tune of Square Rooms started to play, I was hoping that it will perk me up....But

I felt sad instead. The lyrics connected with me somehow, especially the chorus:

"They don't listen
They don't care
If a man is in dispair"

And the next verse:

"He walks along in long year
The vision of one with one
And you still move me
You undo me like you've always done

But I realize now
When I met you other words now
Just you and me just you and me
To the end of time"

I felt a tear roll down my eyes as I realise the true meaning of this song.
A classic, A beauty, A song that touched my heart and soul in ways other songs won't

That's why I cried....

Next, today was quite alright... I printed out all my notes, which depleted my printer ink by 50% and killed a tree for paper in the process and manage to complie all into a nice file in just 3 hours =)

Also, something nice happened today. Managed to meet Clara of the Campus Superstar fame together with Jim and Sirong at Kallang MRT's Mac. She's a nice person and looks better in real life then on TV. None of the fame has gotten into her. She's nice, humble and friendly. Some sec school girls even approach her for signature, which she graciously did.

Indeed, this meeting has increased my appreciation for her, making me look forward to the Clara FC's BBQ =)

K I got to go and mug now... One more exam and I'll be free of the yoke of education... But I think I'll be sad rather then happy coz I'm an Emo Elmo deep inside

p.s Thanx to XH for the chat yesterday! We will both lose weight together ok!!! =)

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Esplanade's GREAT!!!

K, the Esplanade Gig is over. Before I start to babble about how cool or good it is, there are some people I have to thank:

1) Uncle Dennis from Guitar 77 for getting us this gig! Hope that we didn't disappoint you!

2) Gerard, my evil twin for being our Roadie, Soundtech, and Mr. Ja Pa Lan! You are forever dependable even without us asking you for your help!

3) Mike, for helping us filming the event down. Too bad I was too tired, esle I will join you for BEER!

4) Jim, for coming to help us film by loaning us his tripod and staying throughout the whole gig! Hope that the music is good enough for you!

5) The Esplanade Soundcrew and Artist Manager for doing such a good job! You all rock!

K back to the gig

After the long soundcheck that impressed us with the professionalism of the Esplanade guys and Anthony and Jason impressing them with their pedal board, the show director informed us that the 1st set has to be cancelled due to rain concerns. Of coz we are all disppointed.... Fifi even came up with corny fill-ins for Esplanade to use as announcement which they didn't use (luckily)

However, we were rewarded by a nice view of the Artist Holding area of the Esplanade.
It's so damn posh and nice. The makeup area has light bulbs so strong that it burnt Xiaohui's bag. And of coz the 7 Till Dawners were up to their mischief....which will be revealed in an exclusive Video.

Luckily, the heavens were on our set and we got to perform our 2nd n 3rd set. I can't say we rock the crowd but we did hold our ground by:

1) Jamiel's Stage presence - The girls love him, even secondary school girls

2) Anthony's Guitar solo - The angmohs and the guitarists in the crowd were looking at his playing so intensely that I think Shuhui needs to be afraid of guys instead of gals snatching her ant away

3) Xiaohui's Keys - Not her housekeys but her keyboard playing skills that show the crowd why she's keyboard IC of Studio Comm

4) Jason's Headbanging guitar playing and singing - This guy will take any chance and everychance to head bang....

5) Fifi can finally be seen - Luckily Esplanade has no smoke machine to cover our hunky drummer (Who's so weak tat day that the soundman ask if he had eaten anything or not)

6) Me turning into Justin - K stroking Ant's guitar maybe wrong but at least jumping up and down and eating my bass is rockstar material right?

Words will never do justice to the performanc that we did in Esplanade. It may suck to you but at least we the band enjoy it =) And the claps and cheers were not prerecorded ok!

And of coz if ppl ask you for an encore of one more set instead of one more song is a testimony of a good gig

Now let us rest before we go forth for our next gig 7 days away at Jurong Point!

Saturday, April 15, 2006


This dream confirms that I'm realli a foodie

I had a wierd dream last night.

I dream that Davis Guitar had 2 Fender basses that were left-handed.

1 Fender Jazz in sunburst, another P Bass with Green Quilted maple top.

Both are very very used and "relic" in the works of Uncle Dennis

I was arguing with Uncle David from Davis if there's a possiblity of Discount or to let me pay up after 1st of May. But as usual... NO NO

K this is not the nightmare part. The horror came when I am suppose to go for a BBQ and the people there don't even know how to start a fire.

5 guys there and they wasted 1 pack of charcoal just to start a small fire?

And worst...they just put the grill on when only one small part of the pit has burning charcoal...

That's the worst part of the dream...I woke up in cold sweat thinking this better not happen in any of my BBQs...I will personally start the fire to prevent that!

In 6 more hours, I will be at Esplanade performing. I just hope that nothing bad will happen and that I can survive this performance with my ego and pride as a musician intact.

Listening to Clara's recordings did help to calm me down. Her voice does have a calming effect on it in some ways. Just hope that the calmness will last all the way till the end of my set

To those reading this post, sms me to wish me good luck ok! I need all of it =)

Thursday, April 13, 2006

How can I forget you...

I thought I had forgotten you
When I lock up all the feelings and throw it all away
That we could both go back to being friends
Where everything remains the same
But then, is it true?

I was lying when I say this
When I could walk away and not feel a single thing
That time will heal the wounds that’s past
Where everything will come to past
But then, is it true?

When everything, everything, just a crazy dream
That’s driving me, driving me, totally insane
The memories of you and me, the scars that still remains
How can I forget you…

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

I can't resist it but....

Finally, I'm on Esplanade Website as an ARTIST! Does that make me a superstar?

7 Till Dawn, I love U all!!!! We will rock Esplanade till the thorns drop down.

Eat your heart out!!!

I will be customizing a bass that is similar to that.
The specs will be:

Neck: Maple 5 Pc Neck Thru
Body: Mahagony with Maple Cap
Fretboard: Ebony with Prataz inlayed at 12 fret
Headstock: JF inlayed there
Machine heads: Hipshot Ultralite
Bridge: Hipshop A Bridge
Pickups: Seymour Duncan Passive Soapbar
Controls: Vol, Vol, Pickup Selector, 3 Band EQ (Aguilar or Seymour Duncan)

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Live for the moment

Coz I'll live for the moment,
Even if I crash and burn,
The memories will still stay with me

Coz I'll live for the moment,
Eternalty's too far for me
The memories will stay with me....

Monday, April 10, 2006

Things to do after exams

1) Brush up on my bass skills, inclusive of sweeping, tapping, double tapping, thumbing, poping, slapping, fingering, scales, and I will play Cannon in D using my BASS and film it down and post on youtube =)

2) Sell my services as a BBQ for hire guy, to help BFs organize BBQ for GF or help gals like Gracia or Jess settle their 21st with a shoikest BBQ

3) Perform more with 7 Till Dawn! We will make it big! We need to write more songs and we need to bond more together! More sessions at XH's place (less the Indian poker of coz)

4) Do a damn good BBQ so that Clara can boast abt it? K perhaps I'm too arrogant, but most people like the Ah Fu BBQ so much so that I think I have my little fan club of my own right?

5) Find the answers to my heart now that exams are no more a burden that we need to carry. I will unlock my heart and see what the future holds

6) Pay off my Maestro ED-1, which I will use my progress $$$ for

7) Order a Fender Jazz Bass. It's about time for me to own one of that. Every bassist needs to own a Jazz K!

8) Buy stuff to make my Yammy a power pack bass! I need to upgrade it more! sigh sigh

K back to studying STRAT! Wish me luck yar

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Time is running out!!!!

I think I'm drowning
I wanna break this spell
that you've created

you're something beautiful
a contradiction
I wanna play the game
I want the friction

you will be the death of me
you will be the death of me

bury it
I won't let you bury it
I won't let you smother it
I won't let you murder it

our time is running out
our time is running out
you can't push it underground
you can't stop it screaming out

I wanted freedom
bound and restricted
I tried to give you up
but I'm addicted

now that you know I'm trapped sense of elation
you'd never dream of
breaking this fixation

you will squeeze the life out of me

bury it
I won't let you bury it
I won't let you smother it
I won't let you murder it

our time is running out
our time is running out
you can't push it underground
you can't stop it screaming out
how did it come to this?

you will suck the life out of me

bury it
I won't let you bury it
I won't let you smother it
I won't let you murder it

our time is running out
our time is running out
you can't push it underground
you can't stop it screaming out
How did it come to this?

Written and performed by: Muse

Will be performed at Esplanade by 7 Till Dawn this 15 of April!

Please come and see yar =)

Friday, April 07, 2006

Secret to good chicken wings

How do you make good chicken wings?

How come your wings never burn during bbq but mine do?

How long did you marinate ah? 3hrs? How come so tasty? You lie to me right?

This are sample questions that I always get during my bbq.

So how do you make good chicken wings?

The answer is the marinate and the cooking method

1) The marinate must be aim to create a variety of taste and flavor, spicy, sweet, saltish, hot. That's why I use dark soy sauce, chili sauce, sugar, oyster sauce, seseme oil, herbs, garlic and even mustard as part of my marinate. Sometimes I use rootbeer or coke to add in the extra sweetness inside. rootbeer and coke also serve to tenderize the meat

2) The cooking method is simple. Your fire must not be too hot. Do not be too generous with your butter. Use the marinate to baste the wings while they are cooking so that they can abosrb the flavor and don't get burn too. This makes the wings more tender and juicy

Now that you know my secret, the next question will be when will Ah Fu be cooking?

Wellz, you can catch me on the following BBQs

29 of April - Campus Super Star BBQ for Clara, friends and FC
6 of May - Gracia the Chocolate lover's big 21! Guest staring Ah Fu as Chef / Slave for the day

For the SMU peepz, I will organize one for u all soon k. Hopefully b4 I get employed haha =) No matter wat, I will make the Ah Fu BBQ the gathering for the Studio Commies, Guitarissimoes, 7 Till Dawners, S-Kers, ACFers, OSLers, and other friends =)

Going to be broke soon


1) $100 for BadassII Bridge
2) Spending maybe 200 - 300 on a good bass preamp (Sansamp, MXR Bass DI)
3) Spending $200 for Campus Superstar BBQ (Clara don't fly aeroplane ok)
4) Deposit for a new Fender Jazz Bass

Sigh... Sigh...

And it doesn't help that the tupid cashier from Ajisen swipe my card 4 times without entering the transaction, which means my $$ is lock in the bank and I can't use it

WTF....I hate cashiers that are stupid....

Luckiy there's $$$ coming in from:

1) My pay
2) Esplanade Gig
3) Closing time $$

Esle I sure die!!!

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

I'm sick... again

K I'm was never well anyway...Not even the condom antibodies helped...

Now I am a proud owner of the stomach flu virus...

Which means I can't eat anything oily and can only survive on a liquid diet.

This together with the lost of appetite from Flu means that Ah Fu (Ah Flu now) will save $$$ from food.

The testimony of me slimming down is that I can wear my belt tighter now.

Sigh...sigh...sigh...I need Tender Loving Care!!!!

Japanese has the weirdest names for song.

Why? Belong is the translated lyrics of a song called D-tecnolife, performed by UVERworld

Injured with pain and sadness, the you that cannot be healed
Shoulder the burden of the past that cannot be erased; don't throw away your will to live
Your hand that I held...

Will we lose it someday?
I want to protect you and that disappearing smile
The ringing voice that calls me dries out
Even if it gets erased by the wind along time
I will find you

Injured with pain and sadness, the you that cannot be healed
Don't say words like you can't smile or you hate people
Everything that happens in the unseen future has a meaning
So stay like this, there'll come a time when you will realize

Like a rusted person

It felt so hollow to just pile atop one another
You said you could live on your own
Just with the usual kind words
You ache to a point where I cannot reach you

Your hand that I held searched for some simple kindness
Do you remember
By learning pain, you can become a person who can be kind to others
Drive your Life

Injured with pain and sadness, the you that cannot be healed
Don't say words like you can't smile or you hate people
Everything that happens in the unseen future has a meaning
So stay like this, there'll come a time when you will realize

How can I see the meaning of life
Disappearing, you're the only. . .

So you will not break, you distance yourself from me
Don't say words like you can't smile or you hate people
Now it's by and by, even if you cannot see, there's a meaning to everything
Shoulder the burden of the past that cannot be erased; don't throw away your will to live

You'd better forget everything. Remember. . . your different Life?
You'd better forget everything. Remember. . . though, we cannot return

Like in times of warped memories, we can understand someday


So which part of the song is relevant to the title D-tecnolife?

None right? See... that's why the Japs do have the weirdest names for songs

But this song is something that struck a chord with the scorpio inside me.
The emotions and feelings evoked, the feeling of wanting to protect someone you love...To bring her out of her depression...To show her a new world...

Yes this is something that I would write if I have the chance...Which I will soon have as I'm going to be unemployed soon =)

Maybe I should write something for Clara or Teresa for their new album (If they will record one ahaha)

Tuesday, April 04, 2006


A quote from Tee Wee

"Physical Wounds are easy to see and heal but Mental wounds..."

Yes, physical wounds are the easiest to see and heal but the wounds on the soul, the heart are the hardest to see and treat. Things that we do, words that we say, all have a possibility of causing wounds on people. That's why we need to be responsible for what we say and do.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Finally Campus Superstar is over...

Finally Campus Superstar is over. I can still remember me voting like mad for Teresa yesterday but in vain. She lost but at least her competitor can sing...although I still prefer her voice.

Nevertheless, this Zhiyang can sing...not like the other Zhiyang that I know who only knows how to croak, dance and get drunk...sigh sigh...(Why am I surrounded by jokers)

Things that I miss now that Campus Superstar is over:

1) The great sound of Beta 87C

2) The great lightings of Martin Mac 500, Mac 600 etc.

Now that I am seeing their post-event show, I realli miss Beta 87C. The sennheisers that the CSS are using keep on feedbacking as compared to the Beta 87C that the hosts were using...Tsk tsk tsk

Now what will happen if the following people join CSS?

1) Roy will most likely beat most of the singers there with his V12 Lambo Engine. But of coz, he will lost out in stage presence

2) Jamiel will wow the fans and have them voting for him like mad...but the judges will #%#%#% abt his pronounciation

3) Bernie will most likely heck care the contest and go gym instead or he will just act cool and sexy and seduce all the girls

4) Ant will always bring his guitar on stage and solo so much that the judges ask him to get OUT

5) Jason will most likely headband.... to a jazz song? The judges will foam at their mouths

6) Fifi will most likely kill the rest of the contestants by biting them, turning them into zombies like him

7) Yuhong will be out within the first round but be back for all the rounds as guest keyboardist

8) Darnie will most likely sing a chirstain song and be booed...Then sing a retro song and be booed...Then he will blog abt it and cry?

9) Alex will most likely suffer from the same fate as Ant =)

10) Shihui will kill off the rest with her hot hot moves =)If only Teresa can learn a thing or two from her.

11) Mike will most likely do his Yoda version of What a wonderful world. He will get voted in coz of that and be a anime singer =0

12) Xiaohui will get the rest of the contestant drunk playing Indian Poker even when they are underage...

13) Me aka Ah Fu will cook so much for the rest that they get sore throat... But then they can still sing better then me =(

14) Gerard will most like steal all the Beta 87C UHF from Mediacorp instead of competing

15) LN will most likely steal the lightings =P

16) Fortuna will just do her stunt by laughing out loud till the security comes to drag her off

17) Heyuan will finally get his chance to tell lame jokes on national Tee Wee and be dragged away by security

18) Zhiyang will finally have a chance to use the Beta87C or does he? The soundman will most likely mute him and the judges will disqualify him due to "inaction"

Anymore that I missed?

Btw belong is one of the contestant that I like alot coz of her voice. Her name is Clara Tan, 16 from DHS.

In fact, I like her so much that I'm trying to organize a BBQ for her and her FC.

Below is a nice pix of her =)

Ramblings of a sick prata

K I am sick...How do I know?

1) My nose dripping so much that I need a plumber to fix it

2) I used so much tissue that I can supply the whole of 7 Till Dawn for a week

3) My head feels like a road undergoing re-tarring

4) I can't sleep and I don't feel sleepy

5) I am grouchy and restless

6) I feel damn cold even when I am sweating like mad

7) I am producing green mucus again

8) I am coughing my lungs out

But then being sick is good as:

1) I can't sleep due to the discomfort, which means I can do more work

2) Not sleeping the whole night doesn't have an effect on me.

3) My brain can think better as it's being overclocked...Tat's why I have fever

4) I have no appetite, which means I can lose weight

K it's time for me to ramble again.

Sat's jamming session was great! Jamming with 7 Till Dawn is regenerating.
It lift my spirits alot considering I had being sad and depressed during this few days.

Watching the Face Off Video made my happy too. Thanx Jim for filming the video

Now I am left with 2 more weeks in SMU

And also 2 mroe weeks b4 Esplanade Gig. Let us all jia u! Remember to come on 15 april to support us, 7 Till Dawn! We will make you happy =)

Sunday, April 02, 2006

New angel in my life! =)

The new angel in my life, Teresa Tseng =)

15 year old taiwanese from KC, this angel had touched many people with her sweet voice. And I am one of those that's being touched.

Her voice is like an angel's, sweet beyond description. Pure, tender and touching.

That's why she can touch so many people even when her voice is not like a V8 engine of a lambo or Ferrari. I believe her voice is like the engine of Mercz. Sweet, nice and calming. This is the voice that I like.

Jia u Teresa! You're my Campus Superstar!!!

Saturday, April 01, 2006

I cried...

Yesterday I cried... Why?

Why I realise it's the last day of my idol, the person that made me what I am.

It is also my last least the last day of lessons in SMU.

Why Marge gave me a final hug, I couldn't control myself. Hot tears drop down...
There's no control, there's no stopping it.

It's the final day in SMU for both of us. Soon I will go out and face a new world.

Goodbye to the place that make me what I am...

Goodbye to the place that's my solace...

Goodbye to the place that I will miss forever...memories forever burnt into my heart...

Goodbye SMU... Goodbye Margaret Chan, my teacher, my mentor, my idol...Goodbye friends, Goodbye Big Steps... Goodbye Concourse... Goodbye CCA Room... Goodbye Everything... Goodbye to you...