Tuesday, November 28, 2006

My Birthday "Cake"

Eating the "cake"

Standby presents...Thanx Annie! U're the bestest "brother"

The Family

They are wierdos... Right?

The Sisimo Family Tree

My Posed Look

My Natural Look ~Better Right?

The advantage of having a belly!

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Never buy Chinese Brand MP3 / Thumb Drive

Why? Coz my damnable thumb drive / MP3 player that cost me $85 actually crashed on me!

All my work data is freaking lost!


I will never go for cheapo brands again!!!

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Birthday Celebrations? What Celebrations? What B-day...

Alright...I'm damn sorry to all of you!

Although I'm suppose to be on off, my office called me back for an urgent staff meeting, which my CSO told me of a GRC Meeting tat's suppose to be on friday.

Yes, it's postpone to my birthday, which means I have to fly everybody kite!

Sorry folkz...for that...Those that are working will understand how I feel.

When being on Off or Leave means nothing and you are just a slave for the company.

I will try to re-organize one this sunday... or maybe after the exams if I can.

Sorry for this boo boo k?

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Advance Happy Birthday to me...

Wellz...I'm touched. Thank you all of you!

For remembering and caring abt me.

Who are you?

7 Till Dawn and Studio Commers

Ja, Jason, Fifi, Ant, XH, Mel Mel, Shuhui, Tuna, Gerard, CJ and whoever else that took part in the mission to surprise me during Starry Night.

Fuck... I was damn blur on stage when I tok you guys were celebrating other ppl's birthday. I didn't expect it to be mine.

And to Yuhong and Alex! Thanx for hugging me on stage... Although it's abit gayish...

Finally for once, I have a crowd singing happy birthday to me.

This realli make my last Starry Night the bestest!

The ARty Farty Peepz
Gerri, Jason, Paik, Pauline, Leonard, Paolo, Mitch and whoever esle who wrote or wanted to wrote on it.

Thank you for the card. Some of your signatures realli mean alot to me.
To the person who initiated this (Whom I don't noe)...May you be blessed with good luck for exams! Good deeds must be rewarded!

Eunos YEC
Jerison, Constance, Andrew, Hui Ngee and Mingchoo
I know you all for less then 2 months and you all make the effort to buy a cake for me. Thank you all seriously from the heart. I know you all won't read my blog but thank you! And to better days ahead! We will turn Eunos YEC ard!

Manchi, Shiwei and Ah Pek aka Gua Zi
Thanx for the sms and msn messages after u all realise my b-day is soon. Thankies for taking time and money to sms me.

Thank you all!

You realli make my day!

Thursday, November 16, 2006

New Cam!!!

New Cam means more pictures! Now I know why ppl like Canon Cameras =)

My Pedal Board! Wired up and Velcroed! Thanx Ant for helping!

New Specs!

Psychotic Pix in Mel Mel's Car

Guess Who! HaHa

Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Alright lots of updates from ah fu!

1) All my specs broke... leaving me no choice but to make a new pair of specs, which looks nice but is painful to wear and I think the shop got the degree wrong

2) I got a new Canon A520 Digicam! For only $219! That's a bargain imho =) Now I can take quality pictures without any worry!

3) Fans of Seven Till Dawn, we will be having a reunion this friday performing at Starry Night! Be there or Be Square as this may be the last time we are going to perform in SMU!

4) I upgraded my Yamaha with a Badass II Bridge, rewired my pedal board with George Ls Cables. So what does that means? It means I can have more fun, more tone and more wackiness and I'm more broke!

5) The Ah Fu / Ah Chua Birthday party celebration is on 22 of Nov 2006 at Victoria Street!
Timing will be 7pm!

We will have a nice makan makan of traditional Chinese Stir-Fry aka Zhu Cao before heading towards Zouk for Mambo Madness!

Do email me if you want to join us for this day of FUN!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

What does Ah Fu want for B-day?

Alright, I'm sure all of you must be wondering what I want for my birthday?

A bass preamp? I already got my EBS Micro Bass II

Other Bass related Stuff? I already budget and spend on both my basses liaoz.. so not realli

Microphone? Do I look like a singer to you?

Cables? Neh... Not realli

So what the hell do I want?

I want all of you to have a good time on 22 of Nov at Victoria Street Makan Place!

And after makan, have a great time at Zouk!

But if you really want to give me something...

I don't have a camera nor a good mp3 player haha

And of coz, I need a girlfriend =)

Friday, November 03, 2006

S.H.E Song Galore

S.H.E 我们怎么了

S.H.E 触电

S.H.E Superstar

I hate clams....

K after proclaiming myself to be a clam, I'm starting to hate it!


One monday, while eating pasta with clams, the clams aren't that fresh, resulting in stomach problems for poor ah fu...

Why can't ppl be considerate! Clams are suppose to be fresh! If it didn't open, it's not fresh anymore and you shouldn't cook it!


But luckily, I have my Po Chai Pills! The wonder drug for all stomach problems!

So I will say goodbye to clams for this period =)