Monday, February 27, 2006

The best xiao mei in the world

I have a xiao mei, that I seldom talk to due to both our busy schedules.

In fact, everytime I see her, I will only wave at her to say hi as I am busy doing events and her, doing ambassadors stuff. The only time we can talk is only online.

Today, she said some words to lift me out of my depression.

Her words, I will not say (Private mah)except that I thank her for her absolute trust in me and that I never do things to break that trust and that image that you have of me.

This I assure you!

Thank you Celine! You're the best Xiao Mei in the world!
And I still own you my personally prepared chicken wings =/

Pick n Bite latest offerings!

Did you know that Pick n Bite actually offer the following drinks?

Ice Kopi / Tea - The famous Yan Yang mix

Ice Kopi / Milo - The strong aroma of kopi and the richness of kopi will make you happy =)

Ice Milo / Horlicks - The difference in the density of milo and horlicks make this drink super interesting to drink! Try it or esle u will regret!

Each drinks goes for $1.70 =)

Sunday, February 26, 2006

As I look into the mirror,
I wonder who do I see there?
Do I see a super hero?
Or do I see a total zero?

As I look inside my inner soul
I wonder what do I see there?
Do I see a sunny paradise?
Or do I see eternal darkness?

Why are there two sides to the coin?
Why are there light and shadow?

As I stand here all alone...
Can I withstand the onslaught of my own darkness?
Or will I drown in it and be lost in its sweet agony

I don't know, I don't care... as I am what I am, without care...

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Fifi is not gay!!! Ok

K Fifi is not gay, he is just disturbed? Gerard is not gay too! He's just desperate =)

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Face Off

Listen up! If u happen to be the following:

1) A friend of mine

2) Someone who knows me by chance

3) Someone who I help b4 via events

4) A blog stalker

You will have to be at SMU Big Steps on 3rd of March 2006!

What's happening there?

3 clubs, 3 bands, 1 stage!

Featuring the most technically advance setup Studio Comm had ever done in SMU

Featuring the most power pack bands in SMU (IMHO)

And lastly, Chen Jinfu aka Prataz aka Ah Fu last performance in SMU

We will blow your socks off!

Be there or be square!!!


Veune: SMU SISS Big Steps
Date: 3rd of March 2006
Time: 1930 hrs aka 730pm aka Qi Dian Bian

Featuring 7 Till Dawn, Guitarissimo Band and D'Funked

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

I had always being quiet deep down inside, despite my lameness and corniness.

It had always being hard for me to express myself to others, to talk and to communicate.

Perhaps that is something that makes me different? That I am special in my own quiet way... If that is so, then I rather be normal and not special at all.

I dislike my quiet side. Why can I be more open and talkative? To be more funny and interesting? Why don't people listen to me?

I guess I am not even a voice in a crowd. I am nothing, perhaps I am just a pin dropping in a crowded street.

Perhaps I am too cold... Too aloof to care? But why am I both cold and aloof but sensitive like a mimosa? Why can't I be more emotionless since I am aloof, quiet and cold...

I guess things are always not what it seems then... Perhaps being cold and aloof is just a facade, a wall that I build.. coz I do not know how to open up myself to others.

But then, I guess I am destinated to walk a path of a loner.

For those that walk this journey with me, I thank you...

Friday, February 17, 2006


Wake up, I feel the cold wind blow...
There's nothing to show, My world is cold...

Memories, will they just fade away?
Or will they be here to stay, this I do not know

As I look into the vastness
As I fall into dispair
As I look into the darkness
Will I see you standing there?

As my world starts crumbling down
As it falls into disrepair
As I look into the darkness
Do I see you standing there?

For me... For me...

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Quick updates

No $$$ liaoz, have to eat my bass =(

Something is wrong with the band....

If you see a useless loser, that's me

K, don't ever get me as a project group.


1) I am too busy with OSL events etc. to care about the project

2) I will miscommunicate with the rest of the group and screw things up

3) You will have to do my part of the slides, even through I had done it already but never send it out

4) I will make you panic

Sigh... This is my life bah... Sad, useless, pointless...

Somehow, I wonder why am I here in this earth?

Slaving around for a pointless reason and not doing the correct things

Why? Why?

Sigh... it's quite pointless isn't it. Sometimes, you just feel that life isn't worth it anymore. When people don't have trust and faith in you and you in turn break promises given to others.

My life is a lie and worst part, I am living it

Wednesday, February 15, 2006



$160 on EMG Limited Edition Bass PJ Pickup set
$128 on EMG BTC Bass Preamp
$45 on Installation Charges
$69 on a silver pendant for V Day
$5.90 on a cute soft toy for V Day

That's why I am broke... Any donations?

Below is the picture of the V Day gift that made me broke =)

7 Till Dawn

The Band

Prataz aka Bassist aka Ah Fu aka Yellow Ranger

Anthony aka Lead Guitarist aka Antz aka White Ranger

Jason aka Rhythm Guitarist aka Noir aka Black Ranger

Jamiel aka Rockstar aka Ja aka Green Ranger

Firdaus aka Drummer aka Fifi aka Red Ranger

Xiaohui aka Keyboardist aka XH aka Pink Ranger

Daniel aka Composer aka Darnie aka Megazord

Gerard aka Sound Engineer aka Jia Lak aka Zordon

Lueneng aka Light Engineer aka LN aka Alpha

Tuesday, February 14, 2006


Suddenly I have a wish to cry....

Yesterday, I wrote an email to Marge, which I cry while I was writing.

It was an email to thank her for all she has done for me, for making me what I am and taking care of me. She had being a mother to me and now that she's leaving OSL, I feel sadden by it.

Suddenly it struck me now, that I like her, is also leaving SMU. Suddenly I feel that I don't wanna graduate. I miss the school, the stage, the sound, the lights so much ao much... I miss my Studio Comm, my Guitarissimo and the BE Crew that I trained (K I didn't train much but do give me credit can you?)

I just wrote an Emix to congratulate Emix and I realise that this will be the last performance that I will mother them. To jaga all their needs, be it sound of light. My tears started to flow down unconciously... Now I wonder what will happen to the email I will write to my own Studio Comm... I don't think I can ever write that... I will really break down...

I want time to stop... I want to live more years in SMU, taking care of people that I hold dear to me... But I can't...

Coz time stops for no one, and I must grow up........

Monday, February 13, 2006

Patron's Day Rawk!!!

Patron's Day rawk! Why?


1) I manage to know more babes =)

2) The sound was perfect

3) The lighting for Emix is finally perfected and the gals did a fabulous dance!!! Good Job done by Mich, Nicole and gang

4) Manage to impart knowledge to Shah, Jayne, Shuhui and Tuna, which I depended on heavily. Sorry for wasting your time sometimes, Ah Fu had a small brain wor

5) Fifi and LN did me proud!

6) The Guitarissimo Band didn't lose out to external band! We kicked ass! Especially Sweet Child -)

7) I got 2 free hoegarden =)

8) I realise I can groove hahaha but not to Emix or the Rodents standard

Finally PD is over! All the team done a fabulous job!!! Kudos to all you! Hope tat this will be a nice part of your memories

On the other hand... Meng is leaving OSL soon... Marge also... OSL will never be the same again =(

Thursday, February 09, 2006

I'm useless....

Tml is my SBM Mini-presentation. But... I had contributed like nothing to the group.

No slides, No powerpoint, No report. Only some research data etc.

Never had I felt so useless and like a free rider in my whole SMU life.

As I look at Val rushing her slides, getting frustrated and increasing her risk of pimples, wrinkles etc. I feel super sianz..

Next project, I will do much more.

Hungry again...

Somehow, skipping meals is a trend for poor me.

Yesterday, I rush for work and didn't eat anything until dinner...
Dinner sux also as the fries were too salty...After tat, I rush back to SMU to oversee the rodent's rehearsal and the Emix gals preview.

Today, I woke up at 730am, rush my HW then bought the tape and WD40 needed for the Rodent's Latin Feste.

Reach school at 10+, set up by 11am then run the event and wait for them to end at ard 1320.

By then, my stomach had already gone dead. Couldn't eat much, just eat abit of meat and egg that the rodents bought for me. (Thankies to the lady who bought the food)

Now I am in class, starving, hungry and tired...

Sigh.. no wonder my xiaomei says I had slim down. I need my rest, my bed, my massage and the buffet that the dancing rodents own me!!!

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Piak is my new BEST Frd!

Yes Piak is my new BEST Frd!

Why? Becoz he loan me Rome: Total War

The game that was rated 9.1 by Gamespot

The game that I stayed up till 3-4am during CNY

The game that I played in between band practice!

Yes I love that game!

That's why Piak is my new BEST Frd =)

Love u Piak but I am not GAY (Disclaimer)