Saturday, January 28, 2006

Interesting things this week!

Interesting things this week:

1) Green unripe mango can taste like guava... Nice and interesting. No wonder the Thais love them alot

2) My respect for my Muslim friends had increased! Fasting is no joke. I happen to fast for a few days due to project and work and its really unbearable. Kudos to all the Muslim in the world! You all are really strong spritually and mentally. I will never make it as a muslim during fasting month. Period.

3) I hope that Gerard has learn his lesson about communication. I remember the meeting I had with Lian and the BE peepz. Gerard was there as a subcomm of programs and he was interepting me before I can say anything and confusing the rest of the people. Later I told him that if you want to interept or suggest anything. Do it in a manner that will seem like a mild suggestion and allow the current speaker to give you airtime. Interepting like this only makes the current speaker look stupid and you look agreesive. Create a win-win situation by having respect for others. I hope he has learnt from this encounter (Why does he always have to learn this way... sigh)

4) People don't treasure other people or things that they have until they are gone. Its kinda sad that life is like this. You will start to miss something or someone greatly and dearly once you lose them.

5) My Bank account is dangerously low again... I need more cash inflow and less cash outflow!

6) I had cut down on my carbo intake recently. I don't even drink soda anymore. Its all in my attempt to have a healthy lifestyle! Support me all the way ok, guys?

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Answers to riddles + New food recipes

As requested by MC, I will post the answers =)

Beware its going to be lame!

1) Why does Emix always fail math?

Answer: Coz they can only count up to 8 (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8.... 2,2,3,,5,6,7,8)

2) If Superman and Ultraman compete who's the fastest, who will win?

Answer: Superman! Coz whenever Ultraman goes beyond 70km/h, his chest light will start to beep (Imagine those commercial vehicle)

K I am lame...(Tat's why I am a Pes C9L2.. I have a scar to prove it k)

Next, it's recipe time =)

Something easy now, so easy that even Xiaohui, Amanda or Meiju can make or I think they can... Just don't blame me when you burn the kitchen down

Egg Omelette

2 x Egg (or more, depending on taste)
Paramasan Cheese
Crab Stick
Hot Dog

Mushroom (Shitake, Button or White)

1) Dice up the filling. (You can mince them if you want)
2) Beat the eggs in a bowl
3) Add the filling and cheese
4) Add in a pinch of salt and pepper to taste
5) Stir the mix evenly
6) Heat up your frying pan or wok
7) Add oil and coat the pan or wok with it
8) Make sure the oil is hot before pouring the mix in
9) Wait for the underside to brown before flipping
10)Brown the other side and serve

The only complex part is the flipping.
Actually, cooking egg omelette will test the skill of the cook's flipping and control of fire. If you are unsure, u can stir fry the mix. It will not appear that nice but then, at least it's still edible?

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

How to lose weight

The Fred, CJ, Wee Kwang method
1) Go gym almost everyday
2) Watch your diet by eating lots of vege, protein
3) No soft drinks and unhealthy food!

The Xiaohui way
1) No exercise
2) Go on diet
3) Maybe eat Xtrim or Xando?

The Ah Fu way
1) Get stomach flu
2) Go on liquid diet
3) Do events or shit work for exercise
4) Sleep late
5) Get more flu again

Trust me, you will get results =)

Monday, January 23, 2006

Visa card....

Signing up for Jamx: $40
Rushing to level 10 Admin to move equipment: $12.00
BK Student meal with upsize: $5.25
Playing Counter-stike with 7 Till Dawn: $6
Eating myself silly at Kopitiam: $15
Losing Jamx: Priceless

For the rest, there's always my UOB Debit Card

Yes... We didn't make it into Jamx.
Perhaps its due to the wrong choice of song
Perhaps its due to the fact that we were all burnt out from Grand Openning
Perhaps its due to the fact that all of us are severely sick or injured

Wellz, looking on the bright side, we can focus on other stuff like Bondue Dinner and other events. The audiences cheers will be the best judge of all =)

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Let it go, Let it be...

Let it go, Let it be...
Somethings are just not meant to be
Sometimes things just happen this way

Let it go, Let it be...
If love's such an easy game to play
There would be broken hearts again... today

Some little chorus I came up with.
I realise that love is all about letting go, which is something that I had being doing all my life. Never or seldom had I told a gal I like her. Instead, its all about me letting go and moving on. Perhaps that is why I am still single... Coz I am always letting go. But why? Perhaps I am too insecure... I do not have the courage to tell someone that I like her. The only little things I can do will be to make her happy when she's sad or down, buy her food when she's hungry. But that's something that anyone can do.... In short, I will never be special to anyone... I am just a passerby in the crowds

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Ah Fu is Ah Flu...

K, I am sick again...
Flu, Feeling cold, Weak Stomach (visting the gents every now and then)

Now I am offically Ah Flu... sheesh

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Lamb Chop... One of the hardest dish in the way

Lamb chops has always being a fasinating dish for me.


It's because lamb is one of the hardest to prepare dish.

Overcook it, and it will become to tough and chewy

Undercook it, it will be too raw...

Plus the innate flavor that it has makes it hard to marinate and flavor.

That is why I like lamb chops. I always order it whenever I eat out.

I see this as a test of the chef and also as a way of inspiration.

To make lamb chop taste ok is easy but to make it taste shiok... Tat's a skill

And i will master this skill once some kind person buys me a frying pan =)

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Cooking 101: Part 2

Something that I always wanted to try out but never have the chance to as I don't have a flat frying pan...

It is to make nice juicy chicken steaks with itallian herbs.

Imagine a medium done chicken steak (tight meat) with a nice herby flavor...

Shiok right?

Now, I will teach you on how to do it the lazy way.

For western cooking, it is quite easy as most of the flavor comes from the seasoning.

1) Buy a nice piece of tight meat (debone of coz)

2) Wash it with salt to remove the dirt and bateria

3) Marinate it with some light soy sauce, pepper and salt. Rub the whole piece of meat with lots of italian herbs. This will realli give a nice flavor to the meat

4) Add some oil to the frying pan and use slow fire. Slowly sear the meat to perfection. Do not overcook the meat! Make sure that it is medium rare. This will increase the juiciness of the meat.

5) Boil some baby carrots and potato and toss them together with abit of salt and herbs for taste.

6) Serve the chicken together with the baby carrots and potato. If you want, put some baked beans too and use lettuce for garnish to improve the looks of the dish

I will try that soon. Will get myself a frying pan just to do it.

If you are lucky, I may even cook tat for you!

How do tell that you are a fucked up person?

1) You promise people to help them do a miking but totally forgotten it due to your disorganized life and forgetfulness

2) You try to organize a farewell party but it keeps on being cancelled due to poor attendance and lack of confirmation by people

3) Nobody listens to you and your voice is not even a voice in the crowd

4) You seem to make all the best decisions around and people have to come and save your ass

5) You don't feel like talking to people anymore coz you feel tired and sick of everything and you feel damn useless and fucked up?

Yep... That is my life... i feel fucked up and useless and everything is not going right for me.

K I am going to get myself drunk later... perhaps the world thru the wine or beer glass will seem much better?

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Great... I had over-gymed

In the previous post, I was damn happy at how shiok it is to exercise and be on the plan to lost weight but now I feel like shit! Why?

1) I overstrain my ankle, causing my old wound to be back to haunt me

2) I sprain my index finger. Which means I can't play bass for awhile

3) My shoulder blades hurt like hell due to over rowing

And I seem to have a bad case of stomach pain also... Being visiting the loo for 3 times already... (Wonders if that's from Gerard)

In short... I feel like shit!!!

Monday, January 09, 2006

Time to buy 4D!!!

Yep...It is time to buy 4D!

It's amazing! It's unbelievable!

I actually went to the GYM and did close to 1 1/2 hrs of Cardio to burn off the fats

In addition, I skipped my breakfast and had only the following for lunch:

Rice with tofu n vege, potatoes and hot dog and baked beans, which I didn't ate the rice at all

Low fat yogurt in the place of coke or rootbeer

How about that for a change? =)

Sunday, January 08, 2006

1st week review

From 2nd of Jan - 8 of Jan, I had:

1) Went home past midnight for 4 days

2) Took a total of 7 cab rides

3) Skipped all of my breakfast

4) Ate healthy food only once (because of WeeKwang)

5) Sold 4 - 5 guitars for the week

6) Skipped only 1 lessons

7) Watched the ending espisode of My Date with the Vampire 3

8) Realise that Alice Chan is a damn good actress

9) Created 2 lame jokes

Lets hope that next week will be better, cheaper and more productive

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Back to TPJC

Yesterday, I went back to TPJC for the orientation. Initially I didn't wanted too but then my junior asked me to go along... Wellz, you can't refuse a request from a lady right? (No Jeng Jeng okz! She's attached okz!)

So there I was, at the back of my former school. Looking at how the school hall is and how the council run their programs and also giving a lecture on events management, crowd control and influence to my poor junior. Throughout the event, there were the usual cheesy performances and 1 kiddy rock band. The only good performance was by this girl who can really sing. Too bad the AVA club wasn't experienced enough to give her reverb and a good EQ. In fact, the whole show wasn't that fine due to poor acoustics and EQing. The band wasn't miked up properly and was quite loose.

But all this is forgivable as they are not professionals anyway.

As I look at my juniors and see how they react. I suddenly realise how old I am. Perhaps age and experience will make you see things differently and critically. Instead of enjoying the programs for the night, I begin to think and review it.

So, the morale of the story is... Do not bring me to any orientation unless you want me to give a lecture or help you in the planning. I will get bored and you will get bored listening to me ranting on about events and performances and shows etc.

I am not called Auntie Ah Fu for nothing okz

Friday, January 06, 2006

Lame Joke Session Pt. 1

K guys, enough of depressing style. New year now, must start refreshed =)

How about starting with a lame joke session:

1) Why does E-Mix always fail maths?

2) Superman and Ultraman are competing who's the fastest. Who will win?

The answers will be posted up next monday!

(p.s E-mix gals, don't be angry okz?)

Cold Prata today

The prata today and in later days will be serve cold without any curry to warm up your stomach.

Prataz today is feeling cold, not because of the SMU Air con, but because his life is cold and lonely.

Prataz has hereby decided that love is a game that he shouldn't play anymore, considering the fact that:

1) Girls he like doesn't like him and always block him on msn

2) Girls he doesn't like assume that he likes them and also block him on msn

Therefore, love, like buffet and cabs is now banned from the world of Prataz.

Love will be locked away and the key will be thrown to the deepest corner of the world...

And Prataz will hereby be cold and unfeeling like a robot again

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Week 1... Sigh

The 1st week of SMU.. Wow so exciting -_-"

The few things that I missed about SMU:

1) My friends... Like I never see you all enough during holidays hahaha

2) Rushing to school... (At least I don't need to rush that much compared to holidays)

3) The kopitiam food (Some of them are actually good okz!)

4) Last of all, the pretty gals in tubes, spags and watevers

Interesting stuff that happen to me during the 1st week:

1) Going back home after midnight for two days already

2) Having a heart to heart talk with LN inside the Gents while shitting

3) Eating Mr. Bean's Rice Balls (It's amazing)

4) Looking at all the pretty gals in tubes, spags and watevers

Yepz... That's all about SMU... pretty gals in tubes, spags and watevers =)

Too bad not one of them is mine girlfriend =P

Monday, January 02, 2006

New Year Resolution

It is year 2006 already... Soon I will be a graduate.

Sigh... time really flies... I can still remember my year one days and now I am a year four... Makes me feel kinda old...

Now this oldie will share with you all his New Year Resolution

1) I will start to save up! No more taking cabs and eating good food anymore!

2) I will go jogging or gym regularly! My body is getting fat and unhealthy! I need to lose weight or esle ... I can already feel my body protesting sigh

3) I will study hard! No more gaming and slacking! It is my last term! Buck up or lose out!

4) I will be more understanding as a friend and care for the people that matters to be!

5) I will need to be more focus in life! Plan out my future!

Alrighty, just hope that I can fulfill all these. My dearest friends, please stop me from taking cab and over eating ok? Please chio me to go gym alright?

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Countdown... In a cab?

This year's countdown was kinda special... Why?

1) We had a nice BBQ at Jit's place. Kinda like a reunion of the oldies. And this time, there wasn't a need for me to prepare the food =) Jit and Alexis prepared the food and it was quite nicely done, although I still need to prepare kebabs etc.

The main BBQ chef of the day was Nicholas and Anthony. Their girlfriends must be damnn lucky right? I totally enjoyed my time apart from the fact that Ah Boy (Jit's Dog) keep on coming close to me and I'm afraid of dogs... sigh nevermind I will overcome that fear soon!

2) We did our countdown in a cab! Actually, I wanted to go Esplanade to look for the Thearte ppl and Shuhui wanted to look at fireworks. Therefore, Me, Mike, Ant and Shuhui grabbed a cab and rush off to the city area. However, considering the fact that we left Jit's place at 1150, soon it was midnight and we did a "countdown" inside the cab. Shuhui became "high" and wanted us to sing Auld Lang Syn and declare our new year resolutions.

We didn't of coz... we were all still in good sober condition hahaha

We manage to capture the last few moments of the fireworks while trapped inside a traffic jam. I believe Shuhui ahem I mean we all made an impact on the taxi driver's life (shocked or irritated to death?) Why... Better not to say.. esle I get killed hahaha

Wellz, that's all folks... My new year was spend with close frds and a mad rush on a cab to catch fireworks... I think I will spend my next one, hopefully with someone or if I am still single, in a club or sentosa =)