Saturday, December 23, 2006

My Loves / Hates


Pasar Malam - All thanx to Xmas, Tampines Central is having a Pasar Malam, meaning I can cure my craving of Ramli Burgers, Taiwan Chicken Chop, Shark Fin Shop and Chicken Wings!

Death Count Today: 4 Ramlis, 5 Taiwan Chicken Chop, 4 Bowls of Shark Fin, 6 Chicken Wings!

Basses - Manage to fix up my Status Bass! Now it's sounding WONDERFUL! Even bought a Hercules 2 way Guitar Stand costing $68.00 for my Status aka Ashley and my Yamaha aka Xiao Qian


Rain - My Ah Fu BBQ was almost cancelled coz of it

Kingston Ram - It's the root of all evil! My Work PC had so much problem coz of it!

Religion - I don't really hate it but I hate it when people twist it to make life difficult for the rest of the world! Can you tell me if the GOD that Christians pray to is as different to the one that Catholics pray to? How about the Muslims? Is Allah equals to GOD? Did someone ever sit down and think why is there a different and why are there so many similarities?

Maybe we should all sit down and think for ourselves instead of believing mindlessly, brainlessly and senselessly

* I do believe in GOD and of coz the other Gods. I just don't understand why so much problem can be created from something that has the some root. If GOD is there, he won't want this to happen, correct? So why are we, doing something to hurt God's feelings?

Sunday, December 10, 2006

A good place to eat Dimsum!

Alright folks, Ah Fu found a good place for Dim Sum!

It's good! Cheap! And a Buffet at 15 per pax nett!

And where is it? It's at Excelsior Hotel lvl 4! New River Restaurant!

The food there is quite good! And is run cantonese style, so don't worry!

Now of coz, happy belated birthday to Celine! Hope you like the present!

My Xiao Mei with her present =)

The Dim Sum Buffet!

My Plate! Very clean right?

Celine's Plate! Ehmm... no comments?

Tuesday, December 05, 2006



Coz a cat tried to mark my bag full of laptop and recording stuff with his urine as part of his territory!

Ta Ma DE! Gan Ni Na!

Do you know how stinko it is!

Fuck... I had to use dentol! Perfume! etc. and the strench is still there!