Monday, October 30, 2006

Enough of Love now... I rather be a clam

Alright... I guess I should stop my love escapades now and be a clam.

Yes, I'm going into self-despair mode again... closing myself like a clam.

No, nothing happen...I'm just feeling that I'm not worthwhile of her love anyway. Not up to any girls standard of a lover.

So I'm taking this as a break, for myself to re-discover and re-vamp.

So and explore what I really am... and what I can be.

I have enough of liking people and getting rejects or them going into defensive mode.

However, this has nothing to do with the girl I had expensive jap food with.

It's just that I have a feeling that this time, it's going to be the same sad ending again.

What kind of ending?

You know how's its going to be...

Ah Fu will most likely do some stupid thing to scare her off, resulting in pain and agony for myself...

So forget it =)

Let the pain and agony be targeted towards work and song writing...

Let music heal my soul

My First concert... and it's FREE!

Alright, yesterday I went to "help" out for the PAYM Concert.

Although it's an arrow, but I don't mind coz I get to watch a free concert =)

The concert's quite interesting and I gain quite a few insights like:

1) The important of good vocal techniques and skills... Not everything is about vocal power. Good techinques can make the song more interesting! (Cai Lilian)

2) Kelly Poon sings with so much power that you can see her veins... Tat's Scary!

3) Chong Qing, the mad, wracky DJ actually has his own album! And he recorded and produced it using his own $$$

4) Jonathan is much more a rocker then Hardy and is more visually appealing

5) Gong Sijia is damn short... and isn't that chio really

6) S.H.E are realli professional! They know their own sound, how they should sound like on stage, noe how to trouble shoot I.E monitors etc. And they know how to rock a crowd! And they can fucking sing! With lots of vocal techniques and power. I'm impressed by them!

7) When going for concert, always bring a camera with at least 6 x Zoom so that u can take good photos of the artistes! And always bring a marker for impromptu autograph sessions!

Saturday, October 28, 2006

3 more days to Pay Day

Yes... The amazingly broke Ah Fu has survived till now!

3 more days and I'll be happily rich again =)

But can I survive till then?

Sat - Zone 1 Deepavali Celebration, YEC Stuff

K my Zone 1 is having a Deepavali Celebration with interesting performances and events happening. As this is the new Chairperson's first event, I hope that all will go well later. May all the Gods watch over this event and make it a success!

My YEC also have some stuff that I need to clear... I admit that I'm still quite inexperience... but as long as we learn together, and remain positive! All will be well! And no mother fuckers who play politics pls! I do hate political fuckers who go there to tok cock and sing song just to get noticed...

Sun - Off Day like real....

Sunday, my supposingly off day become a full working day as I need to stand in for someone frmo 830 till 1pm.

Have auditions after that from 2 - 3

Then rush to Expo for PAYM concert to help out as usher =x

And this will last till 11pm ++

The food and show better be good!!! =x

Mon - Off Day!

K don't disturb me alright? I will relax one corner and Nua!

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

The Amazing KC BBQ

Alright, Mr KC has up the challenges for BBQ!

Chicken Wings marinated with Beer

Juciy prawns wrapped with bacon

Sausages -> Those real ones, not the chicken franks

Egg Plant in vineger

Melted Chocolate to dip mashmellow and strawberries

Garlic Bread

Beer from Brewerkz

Yep... Mr KC has impressed me with his cooking skills!

Now the question is, can I impress him with my cooking skills?

Saturday, October 21, 2006

4 Days of Joy! But I no $$ to En Joy...

K 2 days of public holidays became 4 days of break for me.

Sat - Deepavali
Sun - Off Day
Mon - Off Day
Tue - Hari Raya

So what's my plan for the break?

Sat - Meeting 34th Cohort 1pm - 5pm , STD Jamming in the evening 6pm onwards

Sun - Sisimo Jamming 6pm onwards

Mon - KC's Oktober Feast BBQ!!! 6pm onwards

Tue - Free for the day

But the bad part is that I'm totally broke and have to manage my finances carefully!

So if you are planning to ask me out on a date, please make sure it's nice and affordable =x


Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Broke But HAPPY!

K I'm broke... But I'm happy.. Why?

1) I finally ate a tempura that cost me $30 but it's ralli worth the $$$ =)
4 damn big prawns deep fried into perfection! And it's so Q and tasty.. Yummy!

If you score enough in my frdship points, I may even treat you to it the next time I go there... So ppl, you know what to do k

2) I paid up in full for my new bass... Yes the one that debut during Strings Blended III. My Status Energy 4! That's 600 bucks down the string

3) I paid up for my Bass Ass II bass bridge... Now that's going to go on my Yamaha and make it even better! But this will most likely be Nov or Dec

4) I ordered the EBS Value Drive! A tube preamp for BASS! Tat's a $399 investment that's worth it... Promise Janet to pay up once I get my pay and she's sweet enough to reserve it for it! Thankies Meinu!

5) Bought over Uncle Dennis' Bassline Hot P Pickup. Will match it with a Hot Stack J. This will most likely be done in Nov too...

So my accounts now are:

Oct Expenses

Status Energy 4 - $600
BadAss II Bridge - $150
Great Meal at Jap Restaurant - $100++
Tuition Loan - $300
Total - $1150

Nov Debts

EBS Value Drive - $399
Bassline Hot P - $90
Tuition Loan - $300
Total - $789

I realli need my pay liaoz =x

And guess wat, today I kenna Bird Shit on my shirt and I got called Uncle by an Auntie with kids... do I realli look tat old?

Monday, October 16, 2006

To hold a hand

The raindrops keep falling...
And I feel I'm drowning...
My world is falling down on me, my sky is breaking...

I see a light shining...
A ray breaking thru the mist...
Is this hope or despair, can someone tell me please

As I reach out, reach out to hold a hand,
Will I find someone out there...
Or will I find despair waiting, I do not dare...

As I reach out, reach out to hold a hand,
will I find someone there...
Or will it be despair... I do not dare...

The rain has stop falling...
And I started walking, alone
Everybody's starting to find their way, back home...

I see a light shining,
Seems that an angel is guiding me...
Is this hope or despair, can someone tell me please

As I reach out, reach out to hold a hand,
Will I find someone there...
Or will it be despair... I do not dare...

As I reach out, reach out to hold a hand,
As I find you standing there...
There's no despair... I know...cause you are there...

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Finally it's over!

Finally, it's over =)

What's over? Actually two things!

1) My People's Association 34th Induction programme for People's Association Executive Staff at National Community Learning Institute

2) My Guitarissimo's Strings Blended III Concert

And how did it go?

For 9 day camp at Nacli, it continued with many fun stuff like:

a) The NACLI 200 sec no NG challenge! Realli stress! Realli amazing! And we took only 23 takes =) Kudos to the whole 34 cohort! It's a team effort =)

b) The Tarzan game when you need to swing across a pond using a rope. Manage to conquer my personal fears of the rope, the pond and going topless in front of ppl. I just didn't care how ppl think of my body. The important thing is completing the task on hand and making sure that the rest of the team can do it together =)

c) Outdoor cooking become a BBQ coz of me :) And I manage to spend only $140 bucks to prepare food for 34 ppl. The menu includes Bee Hoon, Chicken Wings, Kebabs, Crabstick, Hot Dogs, Sotong, Marsh Mellow. Fun stuff includes teaching ladies how to wash and prepare sotong, frying bee hoon using a plate, and finding a dead fish inside the sotong.

But the important lesson I learnt that it's important to have fun during R&R and not be a perfectionist all the time especially during BBQs and cooking. Have fun can liaoz.

Also, it's important to be firm. If I change my mind like the grass with the wind, I will never be able to achieve the final goal.

d) The CED's presentation was fun but stressful! So many late nights just for a 10 mins PPT... But luckily we managed to pull it off! Special thanx to Team Learning! Extra Thanx to Sharon for being Creative Director, Daniel for being the Star, Xiaoying for being the Stats girl! We all worked hard for it and it's over!

e) The Finale dinner was at Breeks at Marina Sqaure. From a powerhouse buffet, it's now a halal restaurant... As a buffet lover, I'm quite sad =x But it's the company that counts =) And the after dinner program that seen me at a KTV singing off-key again... I realli do need to go for singing lessons =x

f) Of coz, no camp is completed without SCANDALS! I'm innocent ok! and you all will have yr Karma!!!

For the Strings Blended Concert, there's lots of first times for me.

1) First time reading a Female Magazine with a girl as a prof! Thanx XH! I realli learn alot!

2) First time asking a girl if she's attached by using cheesy lines like," I notice for girls who use their hp often, 75% are attached, so are you?"

3) First time declaring my "love for a girl" by saying that through the mike when XH ask what time of girls I like. Sorry Tanya! At least you don't have a bf with a big car to knock me down right?

4) First time "marrying a girl" by giving her a fake rose! Kuniya, we are going to ROM in 30 more days! Please note that you have to give me 3 kids, which is the government ideal birth rate =)

5) First time emceeing in SMU. Marge's right... Both XH and I were too restricted by the script. But I'm glad that there were laughters for my jokes, be it cold or corny or lame... You as the audience were great!

6) First time we performed Storm without technical problems! Sibei Heng ah =)

Alrighty, that's enough for this post. And why didn't any one of u commented on my power rangers post? =x