Saturday, September 29, 2007

Old Hokkien Songs rock


They sing of themes like:

If I have 1 Million

Work Hard then can win

A mamasan's story

etc. etc.

Indeed 881 has realli revied the interest into hokkien songs.

Now I will try to write my own hokkien song soon...

Any ideas to volunteer?

Friday, September 28, 2007

Too much surprises

Yesterday was a day of surprises

1) I visited Loyang Da Bo Gong Temple. It's totally amazing! Imagine a temple, apart from the regular chinese gods, allows you to pray to the Hindu Gods and also a Muslim Shrine, showing that a place of worship can be multi-cultured too. Best of all, it also features priests from the various religions featured to facilitate worshiping.

And the free breakfast of greenbean soup, 9 layer cakes and mooncakes shows that this temple is very hospitable and gracious in welcoming people to visit.

2) The new Kallang Paya Lebar Expressway is said to be a SEA longest underground tunnel. Kudos to Singapore for being a Number One again.

The LTA folks were kind and fun enough to on the ventilation fans to full blast, creating a hurricane effect and blowing everybody's hairstyle out of shape

3) My boss called me to ask me if I want to be promoted... I was stunned and shocked...

Why me? Others deserve the chance more then me. And I don't wanna be promoted coz I'm not ready for more responsibilities and I had yet to clear some of my own responsibilities.

Therefore, I will reject this offer coz I still wanna slack =P and it's not good to be promoted then you quit the company to join others right?

4) Going to the studio again bought me many surprises. All the things that were familiar and all the things that were changed.

But most importantly, it make me feel lost and alone as I see other people play and create music while I, who had given up music, can only watch in envy, like a kid longing for ice-cream.

Perhaps it's time for me to play music again... But will people listen to me? I guess this is up to me alone to decide if I want to be heard or be just a clam, alone in the seabed....

Emo Elmo, living in Isolation

K, Emo Elmo is back again.

Today, I went back to SMU and realized that I am nothing but an invisible ghost. A spectral without a voice.

I felt so jealous of the interaction that they all had and I had none of it.

Perhaps I am a baby in need of attention, perhaps I just need people to care about me more... Perhaps I'm still immature.

Perhaps... Perhaps I'm just an emo elmo or perhaps I'm just a fat loser, not worth anybodies time except for people like Antz, Gerard, Darnie etc. who still brother to think about me at times and jio me out.

I realized that I don't have many true friends, just acquaintances. People who treat me like their bestest of friends when they need me, and totally ignore me when I'm not useful anymore.

I'm seriously jealous of people who are able to have many good friends.

What's wrong with me? I had given my time and effort to make friends but still why don't people wanna treat me like a friend instead of a tool?

Perhaps it's just me... I'm too nice to people, making them take me for granted.

Perhaps it's time to change... If you ignore me, then I shall ignore you.. no pt living a life for others. Just live for myself... make myself happy and heck care of the problems of other people.

People are selfish by nature... So it's time for me to be selfish and isolate myself from them.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The great Yakult vs Vitagen Test

When you are bored and totally nothing to do, you will find something realli important to do.

I'm sure many of you are wondering what's the different between Vitagen and Yakult.

Prataz decided to do the acid test for you all readers by consuming the original flavour of both brands to determine the difference.

Individual shots

After consuming both, there's much difference between both drinks.

Vitagen is much more milky and smoother in texture

Yakult is much more robust in taste, living a sour and sticky after-taste

But which one is better, it's up to your own personal preference

Saturday, September 15, 2007

明珠姐妹 - 最后一口气

Another one of my fave songs

It's something that sings of the reality of life.

Down with cancer, tormented by the treatment, one can only hope that God will take one over to the otherside, to accompany one's parents.

When you are old and sick, wondering why you are still working hard for a living, this is of not dead not living feeling, does make you want to pass on in life to be free of this world...

(K I'm not suicide, but this song is definitely not for those with terminal illness)


This is a song that is always being requested at Ge Tais, Canto Pubs etc.

The lyrics are meaning and sad... It's something that I always wanna write.

So join in Emo Ah Fu in appreciating this song k?

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Death of a lens

It's dead.

My 17-35 F2.8, one of the trinity lens from Nikon.

Died in action capturing the EVE event for ACF.

Did I get paid?


Is it worth it?


Coz I managed to get the shots needed for the event

Noticed that I had edited this entry...Why?

1) I realized that it's due to my clumsiness and bad luck that caused the accident.

2) I shouldn't blame anyone except myself coz I agreed to it and should accept it as my responsibility.

3) It's not possible to ask them to pay for the repairs as they are all poor students

But then, I will be also reviewing my policy of helping people. I'm not asking to be elevated to be on a pedestal, I just hope that they understand that I'm taking out my precious time for them.

If you think student life is bad, working life is worst and I need to take off or leave just to help. SO pLS Appreciate me like you appreciate other professionals.

The fact that I always seem so anything also can, doesn't mean I can be taken for granted.

Don't make it a habit coz if you can do this to me, you will do this to every other people.

Xie Xie Ni

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Best Compliments for a photography

The best compliments for a photograher is when people post your pictures online

and compliment you on their blog (Even when it's like shit)

So here's the link and thank you Mr Funkie Monkie aka 881 songking aka HYR

for giving me the chance to cover your event.

Hope to take more pictures for your events =)

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

To blog or not to blog

I realised that blogging is hard. I'm not like Eric (aka Mr FM Music) or XiaoHan aka Miss golden Lyrcist.

This people can write alot of stuff, be it good or bad, happy or sad, emo or calm.

For me, now I just like to take pictures.

Of events I had done

Of things I had seen

Of places I had being

Of people I hang out with

I realised that every picture tells a story, be it good or bad, it's still a story of wat happen.

Being a photographer wannabe, I now work towards being a good story teller.

Although i might not be as good as Eric Khoo or Roystan Tan, I believe that each photo will be a memory.

A memory of you, me, and everything that matters then

p.s The blogger is not attached or in love with anyone now. Any eligible girl can apply for this position. Please send a full body photo to to apply. If nothing works out, the blogger might also ask you to do a photoshoot.