Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Appreciating movies

Recently, I had being watching movies alone.

Yes, all by myself in total solitute.


1) I find it hard to find people with matching work schedules like mine. Everytime I'm free, they are not. Since work can't be compromise, so be it

2) Ppl do not have the same taste like mine, so why brother to pursuade friends to watch something they don't appreciate and listen to them whinings, complains and rejections

3) I like the occasional peace and quiet, without any friends. Just me alone, immersed in the full experience of watching the movie

So I went to watch two movies alone.

Epic Movie was totally lame, with so many rip-offs and eeeiii moments but of coz, some moments are total gems

Just Follow Law is a master piece by Jack Neo. A beautiful story that speaks of the problems in Singaporean society, the rigidness of civil service and following law by law.

Seriously my friends, do watch Just Follow Law.

It's funny -> Jack Neo movie mah

It's Touching -> I cried

and for the perverts out there, you get to see Fann Wong doing things you won't imagine her doing (Poor Chirstopher Lee)

If you can't find anyone to watch with you, then watch it alone.

I did it and survived =)

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Rediscovery of music

Recently I had being rediscovering music.

How? By listening to the band that first inspired me to play guitar.

So who's the band?

Is it Gun's n Roses?

Is it Bon Jovi?

How about U2? It must be Bono and the Edge?


Then it must be X Japan right? The Japanese legendary band

No again?

Well my dear friends, the band that inspired me to play guitar is actually a band called Fire Bomber who exist in the anime world of Macross 7.

WTF? Ah Fu got inspired by an anime band?

Yes yes... I got inspired by the band coz I was a Macross Fanatic then (And I still am now)

And during that time, I even thought the genre of music they played is techno... So paisei right?

Now that I'm a wanabe musician, I had being relistening to Fire Bomber again... And still loving them for inspiring me to play music.

Thank you for bringing me into the world of rock, guitars and basses

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Chasing Cars!

Chasing Cars! Impressive Logo right?

Chasing Cars! Light Speed Movement

Chasing Cars! Back to the Future with Victor's Hyundai

Friday, February 02, 2007

Pedal Board! Pedal Board! Super Duper HEAVY!!!

This is my pedal board...Almost completed except for the Bass Balls, and a good Bass Overdrive

And it's @^#!%!%@!%!#%!#$ Heavy!!! And I spend almost $1.5K on it