Saturday, September 30, 2006

If only power rangers is like this

K I have a new craze...Magiranger!

Why? Watch this espisode and you'll understand

Power Rangers will always be the lousy copycats =)

And yes... I'm still a kid hahah

Buy 4D please! Coz I went kayaking!

K all you ppl out there... Please go and buy 4D!

Coz I went kayaking, and jogging and exercising!

Yes! Stope sniggering you idiots!

I did kayaking and it's a wonderful experience and best of all, it's FREE!

Why free?

Coz I went for my induction programme at People's Association.

Yes my current employer believes in training, guiding and team building.

That is why poor Ah Fu has to:

1) Go NACLI for 9 days

2) Have many visits to different organizations under PA

3) Fight with the ZZzzZZZ monster during class lectures without my laptop

4) Go kayaking and stand up in the middle of the sea in my kayak as a show of confidence

5) Play many team building games etc

But it's all worth it!

So if you want to experience what I experience... join the PA and be part of our family!

We will welcome you as long as you can get pass the interview process =)

Sunday, September 24, 2006

The most Un-Surprising B-day celebration

Happy birthday 4Tunas aka Meiwen aka Fortuna aka Seal aka Log!!!

Now this will be the story of the most unsurprising birthday celebration that's being planned.

Originally planned as a surprise, the plan was to have Lewis to trick / kidnap / escort by force the tunas to Yogihub, a vege place that XH recommended.

So what when wrong?

1) Shuhui, the mastermind, actually used reply-all for one of the Stereo-Metas emails that has Tunas inside, leaking the cat out of the bag

2) To add insult to injury, Xiaohui, replied the same email too, with the topic geared towards Tuna's surprise celebration.

So the surprise was spoilt.

So the day came, me, ant, weekies reach there first, followed by Lewis and the Tuna who wasn't surprise to see us there waiting for her.

Next to arrive were Xiaohui, Miggies, Mel Mel, Shuhui and Fifi.

The Surprise cake was spoilt by the owner of the joint who look inside the room and loudly proclaim, 10 plates for the cake! They need 10 plates!

Of coz, all of us were like -_-" another surprise gone down the drain.

Wellz, the only good surprise that realli happened is the FOOD!

It's really good!

The pizza, Lagsane, Pasta and other dishes tasted as good as their meat counterparts.

Even the Soyamilk was SOY Good!

And of coz, we had our farny moments like:

1) PHD 3.5

2) Womb Rider!

3) SOY Milk

4) PoulTREE

5) A tree that believes it's a cow!

6) Never to call the owner, Auntie!

The pictures will be up soon, once the tuna fish send them to me!

Cheerios and wish me luck for my job camp

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Finally, it's over!

Yes it's finally done!

My brother's annual UWEEI Dinner and Dance.

Btw UWEEI means United workers of Electronics and Electrical Industries, not University of West ... ... ... as Luth thinks it is.

And why am I happy?

Coz I was dragged by my brother to help him play the bass for his performance.

Yes, my brother who is tone deaf, pitching like ##!%!% is singing acapalla together with someother people.

So me, as the little brother will have to help him out by playing the bass.

In addition, I have to rent Condensers from Luth coz the events company is over charging for it.

Not bad right, get me to play bass, you also get a free sound engineer and rental lobang king.

But I'm happy that I helped my brother coz it strenghten my bond with him. I don't really talk often to him and this event let me gain and insight into his world.

Next when the event ended, the party started. Many people were dancing to the beat of the DJ.

Aunties, Uncles, Chairmans, CEOs, Managers, all of them exibit a different style of dancing.

There's the line dancing aunties who can groove nicely to all styles of music.

There's the white collared CEO who swayed like a jelly fish

There's the NTUC people who just vibrated and sway their hands without moving their legs

There's my brother, who swayed and mambo to retro and techno with a style that can rival Gerard

And of coz, there's a pretty lady who danced sensually to RnB.

Seriously, I was thinking of a pickup line like this.

"You're beautiful and it's not the alchohol, it's true!"

What do you guys think abt this line?

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

New Bass!!! =)

Yes! I bought a bass! A Status Energy 4

How does it look like?

it's the one below.

Yes another 4 string!

This Status is made in UK, Active pickups

And best of all, it has being used by Barni, a legendary bassist for many years.

So it's quite sessoned.

Everybody, wish me luck as I learn to be a better bassist =)

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Important alert!!!

For those ppl who brought home the Ah Fu chicken wings.

This are the ways you can cook them.

1) Deep Fried

a - Put the wings in a big bowl.

b - Crack an egg and mix with the wings

c - Powder the wing with some corn flour

d - deep fried till golden brown

2) Oven roasted

a - Cover the oven tray with alum foil

b - Brush the foil lightly with cooking oil

c - Put potato halves on the tray

d - Put the wings on top of the tray

e - Set the oven to 250 degrees and roast for 5 mins

f - Flip the wings over and continue roasting

g - Remove the wings when they are done and flip the potatoes

h - Roast the potatoes for 5 - 10 more mins

Hope you enjoy it!

A successful Ah Fu BBQ

One thing that I notice is that I'm always with flu when I have a BBQ.

So the Amazing Ah Fu BBQ always makes me Ah Flu...

But I'm glad that everyone enjoyed it.

This is the amount of food that you all ate.

7kg worth of chicken wings, marinated with rootbeer, oyster sauce and spices

3kg worth of chicken drumstick meat marinated in terriyaki sauce and turned into kebabs

1kg of fresh tiger prawns

1kg of sotong

1.5 kg of stingray

8 packets of sausages

8 packets of crabsticks

2 packages of Marshmellow

Misc. Veges for Tuna

6 Corns and many Potatoes

K and what's the secret sauce that I use to baste my chicken and kebabs with?

It's actually -> Terriyaki sauce, Oyster sauce, all purpose spices, coke, and left over marinate from the kebabs and chicken wings.

And that's the Ah Fu BBQ for u! All food prepared and cooked with love!

Special Thanx to:

Miggies for providing the place

Mel Mel for transportation

Goufeng for Logs

X.H, Gerard, Shuhui, Antz, Mel Mel, Charmaine, GF for being my kitchen slaves

Fifi for starting the fire!

Fortuna for being my Vege Chef-wanabe

Jianxiong for being the next possible Ah Fu

In short, thank you all for contributing to the success of the BBQ!

The next one will most likely be in Dec, let me book a chalet for that ok?

And to answer Bernard, I'm not in love with Tracy or any other girls.

I'm single... but not despo... At least I have so many ppl that loves me right?

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Cupid's wrong with his arrow again

Love is like a dagger in your heart.

It's there to torment you, causing you pain

But you can't pull it out coz if you do, the wound will be so big then you bleed to death.

Yes, that's my view on love. I was never successful in love.


Nobody I like, like me back...

Am I too ugly?

Am I too useless?

I'm a musician, a sound engineer, composed a few songs before, and yes, I can even cook...

But noone likes me... or feel that I'm a potential soulmate, I'm just brother material, never a boyfriend material

So what's the point then, of falling in love, knowing that each step forward is a push of the dagger deeper into my heart.

I don't know...

Maybe I'm stupid

Maybe I'm insane

Maybe Cupid's wrong with his arrow again...

* The blogger pleads temporary insanity for this post.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Good job Emix, Caderas, Gerard and Stereo Meta!!!

If you were there yesterday evening to watch the Impromptu, you will agree with me!

The Emix and Caderas all stars ballet team was a smashing hit!


1) Kelly is damn intense during her solo item. Can realli feel it

2) Desert Rose was amazing! So many dancers! So damn graceful!

3) Weida is a lucky bastard to have Mich, Candace, Lixin and my xiaomei dancing ard him! I'm sure all the guys in the crowd were damn jealous of him

4) The Beethoven metal song finale was amazing! Such constrast, such feel, such power!

5) The fashion show was damn awesome! Amazing costume, amazing poses!

6) Gerard step in to retify the EQ of the sound system. Set the monitor level until it is perfect. Although we all swear not to do sound anymore... we had to do it coz of Emix and Caderas. We didn't go through Rummage for nothing right?

7) Shuhui aka my Nuer did us proud again with her creative juices! The projection display was all done by her! Nu-er, your mama is damn proud of u sia!

And now next, the 4th world later and the amazing ah fu BBQ tml!

It's going to be smashing

Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Today, something amazing happened to me.

A girl whom stop talking to me for quite a few years suddenly msn me.

Before you all start to "jeng jeng" or start gossips, nothing serious happen...

Except for the fact that she ask me regarding P.A and sound and quotations.

Life is just like that. Most people don't remember you or the help you had rendered in the past until the time they need you again.

This is the truth of life...

When friendship is just a facade, or a better term, a network for you to get lobangs.

But I refuse to face up to this truth coz to me, a friend now is a friend for life.

Perhaps that's the trait of a Scorpio. Once you are a friend, you are a friend for life.
And Scorpios will do anything for their friends... but will their friends do the same?

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Grumbles of a sound engineer

Yesterday I was at the opening act of SMU's Arts Fest 2006 and boy was it "Exciting"

It's also the first time there's no professionals or Studio Commies doing sound for the event. In short, BE did the sound and it's "amazing"


1) The system was not properly tuned. Left = Sub, Right = 2 ways... The balance was so off that even CDs sound like ....

2) They use a Hip Hop / Rap CD to test the system, which is bad coz this genre always have F*** You or B**tards etc. What happen if some VIP walked past and hear it...

3) The mix was so bad and the monitor mix worst. How can you perform if you can't hear yourself or worst, the leading instrument, which is the keyboards. In short... Chaos happened. How chaotic? I have musicians complaining to me in english and hokkien or they just say, "never lah... screw up in front of VIP only what. It's ok one =)"

4) The dancers died too... No monitor out for the CD resulting in them hearing from the echoes of the main speakers... I could see them struggling to count time internally...

5) Heyuen didn't sound good at all. They should let him use a handheld instead of the lapels. Less feedback and better sounding and less need for EQing.

K this post is not realli target towards BE but then if your training is still not up to the level, please do not send your troops to die. This is not training on the job, this is dying on the job and with that, your client's event too.

The most important part of any event is always the official openning and closing. If you screw it up, your clients will die.

To any BE ppl reading this post, please learn from this incident instead of saying I'm being bias or jealous or sour or whatever.

You know what you all did. Just learn from it and grow

Time to free more birds!!!

K Timbre suck for me even when my friends told me it's alright...


1) The keyboard can't transpose -1 key....

2) My bass is out of tune and even when i tuned it, the fact that the keyboard can't transpose means we have to retune our instruments

3) The whole set was bad coz we can't determine if we are playing in tune

Sigh... Sigh... Sigh...time to use Visa to free more birds!!!

Sunday, September 10, 2006

BBQ101! How to make good seafood!

Alright students, thank you for bidding for my class, I will make sure that all of you will be great chefs by the end of the term.

Today's topic will be seafood, actually squid.

Yes squid aka sotong is a nice flavourful seafood that always works well on the BBQ pit.

There are many ways to prepare the squid but first, let me teach you on how to buy squids.

The buying process

1) Always go to the wet market to choose your squids! However, if you have to buy from the Supermarket, please choose carefully

2) The squid must be firm and springy. The head must be attached to the body. This shows that the squid is fresh and fresh food always taste good!

3) If the squid looks sicky, slimy and with the head almost dropping out... Then go and choose from another store or skip the squid for the BBQ. A bad squid means bad stomach!

The cleaning process
Now we come to the process that seperates the boys from the man, the girls who took Home Econs and got A and the girls who failed.

Cleaning the squid is an interesting process that is fun but gets you down and dirty

1) Make sure u are cleaning the squid near a tap or esle use a big bowl of water

2) Take the squid and remove the head. Put it off cleanly from the body.

3) Put the head into a bowel and start to clean the body

4) Remove the glassy bone from the body. That's not edible

5) Wash the body by running water into and on it. Remove the layer of flim on the body.

6) Cut the body open via the sides and wash the inside clean.

7) Proceed to cut the body into rectangle pieces and cut lines across the body. This will help in the cooking process

8) For the head, put the head inside a bowl of water. Squeeze the eyes out. It will be dirty as the ink will explode! That's why you have to do it inside water.

9) After exploding the eyes, wash the head clean off all slime and ink and proceed to cut it into halves if it's too big

Marinating Process!

There are a few ways to marinate the sotong.

I will share 4 of my fave recipies with you. They are very easy to make!

1 - Sambal Sotong

- Marinate the sotong with garlic, sambal chili and a squeeze of lime 1 hour before you cook.

2 - Ang Moh Herbs / Spices Sotong

- Buy either one of the following from McCommick. The Old Bay's Seasoning, The All-Purpose Spice or The Itallian Herbs

- Sprinkle them over the sotong when u grill them over the fire.

- Brush with butter or margarine

- Repeat on the other side

3 - Terriyaki Sotong

- Buy kikoman terriyaki sauce.

- Pour abit inside a bowl and marinate the sotong with it. Take care not to put too much esle you will lose the original flavour of the squid

4 - Sotong with Tiger Beer

- Pour some Tiger Beer inside a bowl

- Put the squid inside the bowl

- Add garlic and some pepper

All this recipies will make good tasting sotong! Do try them out! It's easy!

* The blogger is not responsible for any food poisoning!
^ Remember, the kitchen is a dangerous place! Please do not try this if you are not kitchen trained!

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Support for Ah Fu needed!

K am Iunreasonable if I ask for this?

Come and support Ah Fu and the Guitarissimo band this coming monday at Timbre 10pm!


Coz Ah fu has either:

1) Being your friend or pal or supporter

2) Help you at his expense when you need help

3) Loan you money or equipment or his expertise

4) Being there for you when you are down.

I'm not asking for much. Just a show of support for me when I had shown you all support in the past.

Don't be a bastard or fucker or cheebye that takes advantage of people like me and forget me when your problems are over.

So please come down and support Ah Fu this coming monday at Timbre 10pm!

And if you can, support me at Gas Haus next and every monday 9pm - 11pm

Remember! Ah Fu loves and care for you!

It's time for you to love and care for Ah fu back!

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Good News, Bad News, No News

Good News:

1) I'm employed! Working for the Government as an Asst. Manager at People's Association. More updates / rants / complains coming up once I start work on the 26th of September! And for those who want me to treat... Please improve your friendship level first hahaha =)

Ppl in the Ah Fu Treatable list are: Gerard, Anthony, Daniel, Paik, Shuhui (Nuer), Celine (XiaoMei), Anni (Brother), Tuna Fish, Fifi

The rest, you all must do more, like intro meinu to me hohoho!

2) Guitarissimo Band aka LNA aka ONS has shown that we can pull it off even when we lack our two lead vocalist. Although the crowd at Watershock wasn't that responsive, at least we had some symphonians, courtesy of Brandon, singing to our lyrics and some girls shouting you guys rock! And best part, I love the audience's reaction to Ghostbusters! All of them stoned in disbelief =)

3)I manage to get my hands on a SM59! It looks like this!

This mike is damn vintage and clear and good for recording! In short, it's SHIOK!

Bad News

1) I'm down with flu for the past 4 days.

2) I realise how bad a dancer I am. Going to Freshman Bash with the Emixers and Caderas is a bad idea... Suddenly the beer mug is more appealing then dancing =)But then at least I manage to impress a gal during my self intro....

Gal: So what are you doing now?
Me: Oh, I'm a graduate
Gal: Oh, you mean undergrad? Same here! I'm yr 2! Which yr are u in?
Me: Huh, no lah, I graduate from SMU liao. I'm now an Asst. Manager
Gal: @-@! Wow!

3) I'm totally tired out from Watershock. Although it's not my event, but they engaged Luthermusic to do the sound and MI, so that means lots of manual labour and sun for me. The only thing I gain from the event apart from the performance is:

a. A good tan
b. More flu and sickness
c. Totally shaggness
d. A great buffet for my eye on chio bus
e. Talking cock with EIC especially Jack! Welcome back to Singapore Bro!

No News

1) There's still no news in my love life hahah... But no worries, it will come... Just as long as I don't look for it... Quite duh right?