Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Picture Whoring

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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

The fatal Photograhpy bug

Taking photos is a serious, expensive and scary hobby.

Currently, I had spend quite alot on this new hobby of mine, buying and selling lenses just to fulfill my quest for better bokeh.

Indeed, now that I had being shooting for awhile, I start to understand my needs, what kind of shots i always take.

So I'm going to bore all you readers with photograhy technical stuff
(It's my blog... I rule here)

1) Tamron 17-50 2.8f or Nikon 17-55 2.8f
The Tamron is really an amazing lens for less then half the price of the original Nikon. Of coz, the Nikon produces better bokeh and other stuff and is faster, but the price is still a killer. Now the Tamron is my fave walkabout lens, relegating my kit lens to the dry cabinet.

2) 50mm Lenses
I love my 50mm 1.8f, but I would like a 50mm 1.4f, considering how much faster it can be. Hopefully the bokeh will be nicer and creamier then the 50mm 1.8f. The 50mm lens rocks as a portrait lens, allowing you to take nice pictures of people, things, concert, with the bokeh.

But of coz, sometimes I do hope that it can zoom, so that's why I want a 85mm 1.8f too =)

3) 85mm 1.8f

I borrowd the 85mm during one event from a fellow Nikon Shooter. It's a nice cool lens. With better reach then the 50mm, this lens allow me to take ppl without going up-close and personal, which most ppl hate. The bokeh is also much better then 50mm, so no prizes for guessing what lens I will buy next =)

4) 12-24mm Wide Angle

The wide angle is amazing for taking building shoots. Although I already have a 17-50, I don't consider it wide enough as there's still limitations. So Tokina 12-24, I will buy you SOON!!! =)

P.s Starry Night Photos will be up on friday. Will be using Good Friday to edit and upload them!