Sunday, March 25, 2007

My adventure with Reservist

Alright, Prataz is back from Reservist and you can guess that it's going to be complain time... Wellz, what can I do but complain about this yearly planned holidays by the man in green? The timing suck! The location suck! And the food suck the most! Of coz there's so many other things that suck, but I can't say it out loud... Who knows ISD maybe reading my blog =)

1) Location....

My Camp is located at some ulu ulu ulu place... So ulu that taxi drivers refuse to take me there unless I ON-CALL them... The cabfare from Tampines to there cost ard $25 - $30 bucks... Now you know why I rather stay in camp then go out during nights out etc. It's too fucking ulu and expensive to go out!

2) Lack of resources...

The Army is quite steady....until you are reservist =/

My office don't even have most basic of stationary until I request, beg, borrow, borrow without asking, stun etc. from other places. Sigh... They should pass us stationary etc. everytime we go for reservist so that noone will be penless =)


EEEIIII... That's the worst part... Imagine a cookhouse that can even make fries taste bad. I think even Gracia can cook better then them (Sorry babe) Therefore, my reservist was always spend at the Canteen, eating nice cooked food from proper kitchen, and burning a hole in my wallet -_-"

4) The back to Office and OMG there's like millions of mail and work to clear

Going for Reservist is bad when most people don't notice you are having reservist and still ask you to follow up on work and call you to complain that you never do, and go "Ops sorry, I don't know you reservist lei..." My gosh.. don't you read my auto reply mailer that I'm on Reservist?

And of coz, works starts to pile up and you will surely die from the Tsunami =/

Alrighty, I shall quit whining and start working and p.s I just bought a Dry Cabinet from my camera and lenses =) Going to keep them nice and dry so that when I go on vacation etc. They will be safe and sound =)

Monday, March 12, 2007

Having fun with Nikon =)

Nikon, At the heart of the image...How true is this tagline for Nikon Cameras as I was "volunteered" by my MAEC Chairman to take photos for the event.
My original thought was that sianz... this is going to be boring until I see how intense the matches were, especialy with all our Malay friends trying to act like Brue Lee.
I managed to capture quite alot of Brue Lee shots but I really like this one. This really shows how intense the matches were, with both sides' star player going all out.
Of coz... many of you will ask me why post this instead of the IT Show babes, didn't you went there for 3 days just to take pictures?
Wellz, I prefered this picture instead of the hundreds that I took of the IT show... These, my frds, is the HEART OF THE IMAGE, proudly brought to you by a Nikon

Friday, March 09, 2007

Whining part II

Alright, I realised that I'm quite a whiner, subjecting ppl who read my blog to much whining, complaining and wuss etc.

Fuck it lah, nobody is interested in listening to me whine right?

So up next.... HOw to plan for BBQ, the easy way out =)

If you have a BBQ, and have no friends that are good in the kitchen and you yourself happen to be either a failure in Home Econs or have no time to prepare food, fret not!

Go to

Most of their items are done quite wonderfully, unless you happen to be like KC, who's a wonderful cook.

And best part of all, their charcoal is really top-grade and burns much better compared to those traditional types.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Updates of Ah Fu's Life

Hiya all, I haven't being updating recently.

Many apologies for that! It's kinda hard to update when you have a 6-7 day work-week instead of the usually recommended 5 by the gahment.. And yes, I work for the Gahment.

But of coz, none of you are interested at how sad I am when my Offs get burnt and I work from 830am to 11pm almost daily without proper rest and planning and managing events etc.

So I will go on to the juicy parts.

1) I'm envious of Darnie now that he's happily in love. Being out with the golden couple a few times and they do make me jealous of their happiness.

2) I'm learning alot more about photography and lovin my Nikon D40. Some ppl may think that the D40 is for noobs and wannabes but then it can really take wonderful pictures and is much better compared to the D50 and perhaps the D80. I don't really need all the features of a DSLR. The D40 is just nice for me. And D40 is much better then the Canon 400D or 350D!

3) I was chatting with an online frd and she's asking me on my opinion on getting an Ah Beng for bf. I was asking her why an Ah Beng? And her reply was that he's more fun, more daring etc. and of coz some other details that I won't say.

I told her that he's just getting her for sex, which is almost the truth considering what they had already done... But then, good advice fall upon deaf ears... Is it true that girls only like bad boys?

Is it true that girls only like bad boys? Then I'm dead... coz I'm unable to do what bad boys do, coz I rather respect my female frds then treat them as fuck bunnies

4) I watched Protege finally. The movie is great. Impressive, great visual, great plot, lots of amazing acting, and eye candy for some. It's amazing for a Singapore production. Hopefully, Singapore will grow to make more films of similar quality! Singapore BOLEH!

5) Finally, updates on my love-life, which is absolutely zero... No level up, No improvement, No nothing. I guess I need to buckup or give up, which is kinda hard considering that I work till 10pm - 11pm and even during weekends. Now I know why ppl quit after 2 years. They had enough of this madness and lack of social life.