Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Happy New Year 2008! + Updates

Dear all readers (If there's any readers)


How did all of you spend your new year?

Was it counting down at siloso, marina or suntec?

Or spending it in a hotel or chalet with your pals and love ones

Nethertheless, make sure it's fun and shiok, coz it's also a time to show your appreciation of your friends and of life itself.

Now lets go to the updates:

1) I improve my alcohol tolerance to 5 bottles (1 Pint) of beer!

This happened on sunday at Dragonfly after shooting Ngak and the AMPs debut performance.
Too much Yum Seng and Hair Pee 2008 and wala, I survived 5 bottles =)

2) Taxi is damn expensive after 5pm.

A trip from Bugis to Funan on Bus is ard 70 cents to 90 cents.

A trip from Bugis to Funan on taxi is ard SGD 7.00++

So Eugene and Meiju, you better be fucking touched that I took the taxi from Bugis to Funan just to see you all for 30 mins! So in March, you better treat me to a meal when you both are back from CAmbodia

3) I'm back into shooting portraits

I am now joining more portrait shoots to improve my skill as a photographer. I do need to improve my skill so that I can do a couple portrait for Darnie and Emily.


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