Monday, December 26, 2005

Recipe for food... Yet again =)

How do u make good and tasty kababs?

In every BBQ that I organize, I will be making kababs, making them a specialty and unique part of my BBQ.

But how do u make them nice and tasty? The answer is in the meat and the marinate.

Firstly, if u plan to use big chunks of meat, then use only chicken tighs. The chicken breast is only usable if u cut the meat into small pieces like those u find in satay. However, if you want to use chicken breast, put some coke or root beer inside your marinate. The acid inside will serve a tenderizing effect, making the meat taste better.

Next, the marinate must be nice. Think of what u will like to taste. The good combinations will be:

1) Kikoman Teriyaki sauce, Itallian Herbs, Corn Flour

2) Dark soya sauce, Oyster Sauce, Chili Sauce, Corn Flour

3) Mustard, Dark Soya Sauce, Pepper, Corn Flour

4) Honey, Light Soya Sauce, Itallian Herbs, Corn Flour

As you can see, Corn flour is an important ingrident. It serves to thicken up the marinate and make it more flavorful. Also when you use it to baste your kabab, it will taste much better. Remember, when cooking kababs, you will need to constantly baste it with the marinate. If not, use other sauces to baste it. The sauces aid in making the food more flavorful and the meat more tender

Lastly, mix the meat with a variety of veges! Mix it with Onions, Bell Pepper, Chilli, Baby tomatoes, Baby Carrots, Baby corn etc. This increae the flavor of the kabab =)

Now who will make the kabab for me? Or will I have to make it myself =(

Finally I have a tag and I did up my links!!!

For a person that knows how to deal with complicated P.A system and miking, I felt embarass that I can't even do a simple tag board and link my frds...

Even a bimbos that are around 13+ can do it. Sigh...

So I started my quest to improve my blog and .......

It is damn easy! Manz... I feel like an idiot for thinking that it is hard. Kaoz

Which brings a simple lesson of the day.

"Don't say that it is hard until you had tried it..."

Many people fear new stuff and think that it is hard but in actual fact, it is damn easy!

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Studio Comm: Ver 2.0

Soon, the version 1.0 of Studio Comm will be outdated. The OS is getting old and jaded and not to mention slow, old and useless.

There will be reformating and a new OS will be installed. There will be also new applications installed inside. Introduction the new Studio Comm Ver 2.0

OS - Gerard
OS Updates - LN
OS Performance - Fifi
Office Words - Fortuna
Office Money - Susu
Norton Anti-Virus - Bernard
Office Calender - Gayle
Office Project - Nike
Adobe Photoshop - Shuhui
Birthday Remember - Fortuna

Garage Band Guitar - Jason (looking for upgrade)
Garage Band Bass - Jinfu (looking for upgrade)
Garage Band Drums - Fifi (looking for upgrade)
Garage Band Keys - Darnie + Xiaohui
Winamp - Gerard + Hidden upgrade Ver. M
Video Card - LN (looking for upgrade)
Logic Pro - Jamiel
Norton Utilities - Ant

Hope that the new OS system will be as stable as a MAC =)

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Power Rangers: 7 Till Dawn

Welcome to the new series of Power Rangers! This new series called 7 Till Dawn will portray the rangers in a new different light!

The rangers are all musicians belonging to a band called 7 Till Dawn. Will their music heal the world and make it a better place? Will they touch the people with the music? Will they be able to protect the city of SMU from evil monsters?

Lets wait and see...

Introduction the Power Rangers: 7 Till Dawn

Green Ranger: Jamiel aka Ja, Lead Singer, Recording IC,

White Ranger: Anthony aka Antz, Lead Guitar, Guitar Amp IC

Black Ranger: Jason aka Noir, Rythm Guitar, Guitar Amp IC

Yellow Ranger: Jinfu aka Ah Fu, Bass Guitar, Bass Amp IC

Pink Ranger: Xiaohui aka XH, Keyboards, Keyboard IC

Red Ranger: Firdaus aka Fifi, Drums, Drums IC

Zordon: Gerard, P.A IC, New Chairperson

Alpha: Lueneng, Lightings IC, New Vice Chairperson

Lets hope that their powers will be strong enough to save the world with their music!

Stay tuned!

Friday, December 23, 2005

The worst nitemare of all

What will you do when you realise that the girl you love is getting married and there is nothing you can do?

That happened to me in a nightmare I had. In full digital Dolby sound and cinematic effects and 25 mins by Michael learn to rock playing in the background, I experienced this pain and lost.

And as usual, in my very jinfu way, I just look sadly and sigh without saying much.
That is so me right? No wonder I am still single. No guts to tell people that I love her, to let her know I care. All my emotions are penned up inside me under lock and key.

Perhaps I need to change my ways, to be more expressive in both love and work. To stop taking in things that I can't and to voice out more...

Can I do that? Or will I still be the introvet that desires but reveal nothing...

Suddenly, I realise my life is a lie....


Recently, I feel that I had gone into mental depression.

I had closed my walls to people I know, refused to know new people and will only talk to people for official work and stuff.

Perhaps I am tired, Perhaps I am sick (Which I am most of the time) Perhaps I need time for myself... Or perhaps when I talk, nobody will listen?

Who am I, What am I, Where am I?
Am I a tool, to be put away after use?
Am I a tissue, to be toss away after use?
Who am I, What am I, Where am I?

What is the point of talking, when there is no listeners
When you are just transparent until there is a need for you

When your feelings and opinions are disregard and discarded
When things are forced upon you

Who am I, What am I, Where am I?

Next, I had being reading someone's blog.

If I happen to be the bastard that broke any agreements. Then please let me know. You should know me well enough. I do not mean to hurt or harm anyone and I still have the interests of both groups and will ensure that I will not harm anybody's interests. And if you are blaming me for not saying anything and complaining alot. I don't say things out becaue nobody listens to me.

I am just a transparent ghost, who happens to be of use. I am a nobody...

(This blog is abit sad... As usual... I am a sensitive person...But I do hate it when people make decisions for me without asking me. I don't ask for much. I just don't want to be taken for granted and I don't like people to assume things for me. That's all.. Just give me some respect... If not for my ability, for the fact that I am a fellow human like me. Now please excuse me while I cough my lungs out... I am down with lung infection...)

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

I love my Acer!!!!

I love my Acer Laptop!


1) It is more Chio then the lousy IBM, even when it is not as sturdy

2) It comes with the following specs:
2.0 Ghz Intel Centrino
1 Gig DDR2 Ram
80 Gig Hard Disk
Ati Radeon Mobility X700 64Md Graphics Card
SD, XD, MS etc. Card Reader

3) All this for the price of just 2.4K.... IBM can you beat that?

Monday, December 19, 2005

New laptop, new post

Finally, I gotten myself a new laptop, allowing me to continue watching Kimi Ga Nozomu Eien, aka Rumbling Hearts.

It is a really sad story and it touches me all the time.

The saddest and most remarkable lead is Mitsuki Hayase, a girl that gave up all for love. The love of a man that couldn't decide...

I feel sad for her everytime things happen... She is not at fault but fate always put things in her path... Why can't a girl find true love and settle down happily?

Sigh... but if life is all so smooth sailing, it won't be life anymore right?

Let us all pray for poor Hayase, for poor Haruka and for poor Narumi....

May fate be kind to them....

(only people who watch the anime will know wat I'm tokking abt....For the rest... Too bad...)

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Sick Prata....

Already everyone...I'm sick...Down with Extreme Flu and Headache

Countless packets of tissue had died in their service to stop my nose from flowing.

It's bad...really bad!

What I need now, is some nice, tender, loving care... But who's willing?

Friday, December 16, 2005

Back from Reservist!!!

I'm back from Incamp training!!!
People that miss me... like real..I'm back to do all the shit work just for you!

Special thanx to all the people that I bugged throughout the in-camp thru sms. It's being super boring and thank you for being the people that make me feel I'm still alive and living on Earth!

This In-camp has being insightly and interesting... Can't reveal much as it is all confidential but then personally, I had growth abit...Not in size but in my thinking and my understanding of myself.

And yes... I think I know who I really like already... But she will never like me anyway.

The below song is dedicated to her... and just her truely...Have a great time guessing who she is yar?

I see you in a dream,
Was it real or my fantasy
Could it be true that, we were made for each other

I see you from afar,
From the corner of my eyes
Must it be true that, I must watch you from afar?

Do I have the courage, to tell you how I feel
To tell you I love you, To let you know I care
Do you know the reason, I'm writing this song for you
Coz without you, I won't be the same....

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Places for cheap and good restaurant food!

For the poor students all around who are lamenting on lacking of places to find good and shiok food but only want to pay peanuts, Tha Ah Fu's radar had found a place for you!

The answer is Jack's Place!!!

From monday to friday, lunch time, there's a student meal promo which cost 6.50 but includes all the important items like a main course, soup of the day, fruits and coffee or tea!

The main course is kinda limited but it's still not bad =)

Of u can op for the more expensive option of the set lunches which is quite shiok also! Prices of set lunch is only $8 - $12, which is quite good as compared to other places!

But if you think Jack Place is too high class, then go for good ol' chicken rice!
Sin Boon Kee Chicken Rice Restaurant is just down the road next to Raffles Hotel =)
Why is it good?

1)When you tapao the food, they serve the rice inside a bento style of rice box, which is damn cool!

2)The rice is damn shiok!

3)The rice is free-flow... if you order the set meal, which comes with other dishes too!

Come on guys and gals, lets go and get fat! Especially after exams =)You deserve it!

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Are we prisoners of our own imprisonment

Had you ever stop and wondered deeply and asked yourself why?
Why are you doing the things you are doing without asking why?

Had you ever stop and listen to what the others say?
Or do you simplely brush them away as just heresay?

Then can I ask you what's your meaning in life?
When your defination is others, your life is a lie

You are just a prisoner just like me
A prisoner of your own imprisonment, you will never be free...

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Things I learn this week

1) Never leave home without your UOB Visa card! It's the ultimate life saver and gives u discount at places you don't expect. Most importantly, it gives 15% off for purchases at Perlini's, which is a good place to get a gift for ladies

2) Buying gifts for gals is the most difficult thing to do! Sigh... they should have a module on How to buy gifts for ladies or How to choose a gift etc. I spend quite a long time deciding on the gift today. Hope that the reciever will appreciate it, esle I will be heart-broken

3) Perlini's is one of the shiokest place to buy a gift for a gal. Nice, simple and sweet and the pricing is on the safe side. In short, it's a life saver for us guys who are buffons in choosing gifts for ladies and it gives you a 15% off for UOB card holders, which most SMU people are.

4) My bank account is going down the drain, especially with all those purchases, taxi fares and food. So I will control myself nowadays and limit my spending until I can pay off all my debts and have a nice healthy savings for once. And I will not use my savings to buy a new bass, unless I earn it =)

5) Next, I gain some understanding of myself today. It happen during my shopping trip today and also when I was watching an anime called Rumbling Hearts. This is quite personal and I will keep it to myself. WHY? Coz I'm a Scorpio and we are secretive people. Quiet, silent and emotional... that's what most of us are anyway.

6) There's no more next... =)