Monday, August 27, 2007

Inspiration from the young

Recently, one of my frd showed me her photos.

It's very impressive. Her composition and eye for content is amazing.
Best of all, she's just 14 years old, using a cam that's not as good as mine.

I guess I'm in need of more practice. To take more photos of things, events, places and people.

To have a story in mind before I take a photo.

Esle I will just be a point n shoot wanabe instead of a photographer.

Moody Prataz

Prataz is moody again.


Coz he had taken leave to help a person only to have that person tell me through msn that another party had found another person to help and that sorry and thank you.

Wellz, perhaps I'm childish or immature or too prideful. But I took bloody leave to help you and now you are like just sorry and thank you and goodbye... Do you think I can take it down like that?

It will be like eating 10 char siew baos without water... Which means I can't swallow it down.

So my time is flexible and for you to waste but sorry manz... I happen to have a busy schedule and it's because you are my frd, that's why I'm helping you out, even taking personal leave to do so.

So expect me to whine, complain and bitch about this. Coz I'm a scorpio, and I don't take this easily. I don't care about your situation. You should had find out first before you ask me to commit. Don't wait till I took leave and make plans then tell me sorry... No liaoz.

So don't be surprise if I'm damn tulan. I know you would if you kenna this too. Being nice doesn't mean that you can do this to me and take advantage of my kindness. If you are afriad of offending the other party, how about me?

Wellz, it's alright now... Doesn't matter anyway. I'm just a petty guy with a small heart.

Friday, August 24, 2007


K Prataz was at Dragonfly, helping Eric Ng to take photos for the 881 Album Launch.

Will only upload some of the pictures and perhaps pictures of 715 (If his fans pester me)

Special thanx to Eric, for giving me this chance. Will burn the CD to you asap =)

Now let the pictures do the taking!

Welcome to Dragonfly

But I don't like to club lei =/

WE are the Funkie Monkies =)

But I wanna be Emo Monkie

I just wanna 1 person 1 half

I just want someone to sing to me!

I just want the lime light / sport light / whateverlight

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

OnePA is damn Fuck up

Working in the gahment service is damn fun.


Coz my organization had upgraded into a new CRMS system but is clear a downgrade. Why?

1) What we can do with 3 clicks in the past, we have to do with 10 clicks.

2) Cancelling of an event becomes an email essay thingy which will end with a Ping Pong match between the IT ppl and the Consultants and end with the consultants saying we handover the system liaoz.. not our business and the IT Ppl saying we can't do anything, consultants never program it in....

3) The system tend to crash at the worst possible moments, showing portal errors or unable to load page etc. So you can imagine my face when I had done a report and then the system crash

So now, if any ppl from PA read this entry... Please feedback to our directors on how FUCK UP their decision is to upgrade when it's clearly a downgrade.

You can slack me if you want, coz I had enough of ONEPA Our super unfrdly CRMS System

My adventure at MDC - After the show

The wonders of youth is that you can
act silly and still get away with it

Joanna is still acting cute
(Is that why the rest's laughing?)

Huxian! Marcus and Fu Kuan are laughing at me!
Where are you to save me?

Finally a good shot at the 3 of them

Eunice and Keely

Keely always find time for her fans

The Wee Family

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Campus Superstar! Vote for Keely

Dear readers (If there's anymore readers of this blog)

I'm back again! Sorry for not blogging as I felt that too many people are reading this blog and making too much comments.

This is my blog. I reserve the right to whine, lament, complain and do whatever I want (Except for speaking against the gahment)

Recently, apart from the many photos / photoshoots I had being doing, I had being busy going for Campus Superstar recordings.


Coz there's a special gal called Keely Wee, who has a wonderful voice (At least her voice is special enough among all the contestants)

Now that it's going to be the finals soon, it's going to be a stressful battle between her, Zhenning, Benjamin and Shawn.

Who will be crowned Overall Champ?

Stay tuned to find out more =)

In the mean time, here's a picture of Keely so that you know who she is, so please vote for her ok?