Monday, November 28, 2005


If there's a question that I could ask you
It will be what that makes me love you...
Coz it's something that I don't know....

If there's an answer to every problem
Then what's mine solution?
Coz it's something that I don't know...

Someday some hearts are broken,
When they travel the road of love
When they found that they are lost

Someday some hearts are broken,
When they found that they are lost
When they reach the crossroads of love...

So where to now?

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Birthday...Thanx to those that remembered! Timbre's shiok

On 22nd of Nov 2005, a guy called Jinfu was mugging all the way until he recieved a phonecall.

Yes... A phone call from his sec sch pals, to go out for a nice dinner...

Finally after great deliberation, the attraction of the FAT side was too great and he submited to it and out he went to Kushin Bo.

Kushin Bo was wonderful! Snapper Crab, Long-Leg Crab, Sashimi and many other unique and shiok jap dish... It's super shiok, shiok, shiok!!! Except that the sashimi could be fresher haha coz the food wasn't realli prepared fresh... =(

Makes me miss restaurant that make fresh jap food. I wonder if Yuki restaurant will be good? Maybe I will chio a few friends to try that out hahaha

On the next day, Gerard and I jioed some frds over to Timbre for beer and food.

Thanx to Geraldine, Zhiyang, Tim, Ford, Jason, LN, Melwyn, 4Tuna, Mike, Antz, Rox, Amanda, Shuilian, Jac and Yuwei for coming for this impromptu event.

Next time, lets go to Roomful of Blues as I realli miss Hoegarden =)

Thanx once again to the people that remembered Ah Fu's B-day!

Be it sms, emails or cards.. It all touched it!!!

Thanx alot yar!

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

New trick to buying movie tix

Today, I discovered the most amazing method of buying movie tix!

If you are sick and tired of always getting side rows or frontal seats when you buy via queuing or AXIS, then you should try buying via Visa.

Just a phonecall and it's done. And the tickets reserved for you are so good that it's madness.

Imagine I booked the tickets at 5pm and then collected it at 815pm and I could get seats that are superb! (3rd row from the back)

So what are you all waiting for... Just call and swap yr card.

Let the rest of world suffer from neck pain etc.

We, the owners of the UOB Campus Visa Card, will not suffer from that anymore!

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Recipe #001 Ah Fu's Wings

K enough of sadness and loneliness... This post will be about cooking!

Yes, I will be sharing some simple recipes regularly in this blog... So girls, please log on often okz?

Recipe #001 Ah Fu's Wings


Chicken Wings x 6


Light Soy Sauce 2 Tea spoons
Salt 1 Pinch
Pepper 1 Pinch
Oyster Sauce 2 Tea spoons
Dried Chili Flakes (The one u put on pizza)2 - 5 Pinch
Itallian Herbs 5 Pinch
Corn Starch 2 Tea spoons
Garlic - 1 clove, finely chopped

*If you want it to be nicer, add some tomato sauce or thai chili sauce, it will add in the favor of the wings


1) Wash the chicken wings with water and a pinch of salt

2) Marinate the chicken wings with the seasoning and let it in the fridge for minimum 2 hrs

3) You can either grill them or deep fried them.

When you grill them, use the seasoning to baste the chicken while they cook. This will help the wings retain their moisture. Cook until it is brown. If you are unsure if it's cooked, use a satay stick to poke it. If it goes through nicely, it is cooked. Poke the drumstick area and the joints for maximum safety.

When you deep fried them, you can choose either a wet batter or a dry batter.

For dry batter, just coat the chicken wing with a layer of corn flour. If desired, mix the flour with seasoning like pepper, itallian herbs and dried chili flakes.

For wet batter, create a mixure or corn flour, eggs, water and some seasoning. Drip the chicken wings inside.

When deep frying, please remember to the following:

1) The oil must be hot

2) Use slow heat to ensure an even cooking. Using high fire will ensure that it is burnt on the outside and raw inside

3) Beware not to dip water inside the wok

4) Turn the wings regularly to ensure that it cooks evenly

That's all for today's post... Next I will share with you all how to make Mixed Omelette that is easy to make. Good for the folks with little time or experience.


Coldness...That's what I feel now

I'm sick again...But then I'm never well anyway.

365 days in the year, I'm either sick, injured, depress or busy with other people's problems.

Seldom do I feel actual happiness... making my heart sometimes feel cold and depress.

Perhaps it's this coldness that is sipping out, into my body, making me sick with flu and all. It seems funny that even through I'm wearing a jacket and my forehead is with of pespiration, my hands, feet and body still feels cold.

That's sad isn't it?

My body, My life, My world is nothing but a cold winter in Singapore

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Heavy Burden, Heavy Heart...

Sometimes, I wonder when I'm always depress, always sad...

Why do people affect me so much? Why can't I just heck it and bo chap?

Why? Why? Why?

I don't know why...... I'm lost in this crazy world...

I need someone to save me! To lift me up from my misery and show me where to go.

I need someone to share my woes and sorrow, to share my happiness and joy...

I need you... Someone that I haven't found yet....

But can you be found? I doubt so...

Coz I'm alone in this crazy world...Where chaos and sadness rule...

And noone will want to share this world with me...

A world of darkness, sadness and chaos....

Lost again...

A journey starts when I decide to take a trip outside
To have a new beginning, to find someone by my side

But never would I ever know, that I will slowly lost my way
Again, I'm lost again....

There's nothing I have to stop myself, from the feelings deep inside
The sadness that I always feel, somehow it doesn't seem right

But never would I ever know, that I will slowly lost my way
Again, I'm lost again

Some how, Some where, I know that I need to find the way
Some how, Some where, I hope that you can show the way to my heart
To my heart...

Friday, November 18, 2005

Boring class...

K... I'm bored... SO bored that I'm looking at some gal in front of me playing a game about fishes.

In that game, you are a fish who will eat up other fishes and grow in size. It's like life... Eat up or be eaten... wellz, Fortuna will disagree but then....sometimes life is to eat or be eaten.

As I reflect on my life, I feel that I'm always being eaten by others...

Why? I don't know... It's just part of me to be eaten, to be taken advantage of...

Sigh... many people say I'm too nice... I don't think so... But then, it's a difference of Prospective I guess...

Maybe I should choose to be a predator in the future? Eat up the rest muahaha

ED-1 is revived!!!

Finally my ED-1 is back!

After regluing, reset and restringing, it plays like a dream.

The sound is unbelievable! The John Pearse Strings really make a different.

Clear, Loud, Ringing and with a natural sweet reverb, it make me fall in love with it everytime I play it.

I'll never sell my ED-1, It will be the guitar that I will write songs on, record on and perform on

Thank you Hozen and Antz for making me love my ED-1!!!

I screwed up Persuasion

Dear project mates,

I'm sorry for screwing up the project... I suck... Big time...

Many apologies for that =(

Monday, November 14, 2005


Oh! I'm looking at you
Can't control myself
Nothing, but pain for me

Wipe your tears from your eyes
Just leave and forget me
No need to be hurt anymore

Go away from me now
I don't know 'What is love?
No need to be hurt anymore

You said, "I miss you so much"
"Everynight thinking of you
and facing loneliness"

But when you feel sadness
never can I stay with you

I'm not the one you need
Close your eyes and forget me
There's nothing I can do anymore

I lost my way

I've been walking in the night of tears
There I found someone was holding you
As the night was falling down
With my love also vanished my vision of you

My heart is cold now

Wipe your tears from your eyes
Just leave and forget me
No need to be hurt anymore

You said, "I need you always."
"Everyday thinking of you
and living loneliness."

But when you feel sadness
never can I stay with you

Go away from me now
I don't know 'What is love?
No need to be hurt anymore

Can't find my way

Song, Lyrics, Arrangement by: X-Japan

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Wayang Ramayana...My pride, My joy

Finally, the week of madness for Ramayana had end... No more late night prata at Bencoolen St, No more squeezing inside the Kangoo with Ant, Keli and LN, No more suaning of the Emix gals.

Indeed it's one production that you will miss.. even Convoc wasn't as power as this event, considering we did it up in 3 weeks.

The whole team was all stars and full of resources and lobangs. Everybody used whatever connections they had to make sure this show will work.

If someone ever asked me which project in SMU was your pride and joy, I will say that its Wayang Ramayana...

Everybody in the class did their part, be it big or small, with a common aim, which is to wow the crowd. Even the FOC is amazing...

There's so much I wanna say, so many people I want to thank... But words will not do justice to the kind of bonds we all build in this show.

To the class of THAR003, I LOVE U!!!

The most Shiok event I ever done

This week Thursday was a shiok day!!!

LN, Gerard and I did an event for OIR despite many concerns by Auntie Margy that we will overwork ourselves, I push on and agreed to it.

Initially, they will only willing to pay for only one person. But as usual, the Studio Commers will never leave each other alone, so Gerard came in to help out and LN programed the lights to suit their event. In fact we were so helpful that they were willing to pay for another person, which will bring our welfare funds to an extra S$150 =)

Now, the event wasn't really that fantastic except for the babes in the crowd, the crazy director of OIR, Isabelle that really rock, the food form Purple Sage and of coz the free flow of TIGER Beer, White and Red wine!!! LN will say... This the BOMB!!! The 3 of us totally heck care about professional ethics and start to drink and eat like mad. But of coz, we were in control... Justin, my alter ego, wasn't out at all =)

All events should be like this! Full of Babes, Full of Humour, Full of good food and of coz, Beer!!!

Zhiyang and Wanida should be there for the event... confirm they will drink till they .....

Monday, November 07, 2005

Love... A difference in prospective from guys and gals

Today, I experienced a new angle in love...

Wait before you all think that I'm in love...I'm not...There's noone for me to love yet...

Today, I was watching My Date with a Vampire 3 and out of the sudden, it linked me back with Post Modernism...

Love, the thing that is as pure as jade could also be something as dark as obesidian.

Love, makes you go beserk, makes you lost all your sense, makes you go insane

Love, it will never be the same once you lose it. No matter what you try to do, you will never make things go back to what it is in the past...

And this is what I realised from the view of love from Fuxi, the king of all man and YaoChi Shen Mu, the godness of death and judgement.

The show, My Date with A vampire 3 really takes a different prospective in love and used creative terms to bring that out...

And now, I realised that for me to love someone, is for me to realise that I will give up everything for her.

My pride, My ego, My self and yes... even my wallet and my music too...

If I can give it all up just for her...then it's really love at the greatest degree

Till then... I'm still on my lonely journey, travelling alone the road, looking at people who think they are in love but refuse to let go because they are the prisoner of their own imprisonment...

Saturday, November 05, 2005


A song i wrote during JC2 for someone special to me. I broke her heart when I rejected her sigh...

Lyrics by: Chen Jinfu
Melody by: Jinfu and Anthony from 7 Till Dawn

Do you remember the times
When life was full of surprise
When the full moon rises over the night

Such a beautiful night
As the full room shines it's light
Over our little paradise

* So make a wish, Upon the stars
Hoping to find the girl you truely love
But if you do, what will you do?
Will you treasure her like other man would
And if you do and I hope it's true

Coz Fools couldn't treasure true love
Coz Fools couldn't treasure true love
Fools couldn't treasure true love

Repeat *

Fools couln't treasure true love

Totally Drained...

Yesterday, Jason and many others commented that I look drained, tired and need rest.

Yes I do... In fact all of us need rest... But will they let us rest?

Don't forget that I'm a student too... Sometimes being overly nice to others will mean death to yourself.

Most people see with their own eyes and wear their own shoes. They do not try to imagine how life is like from other people's eyees and try wearing other people's shoes.


What this world needs is more understanding and caring and helping...but will it happen?
I doubt so... Unless we start to care... the world will never be a better place

Wellz on a brighter light... Ja and Da won the Virtuoso Song Writing competition =)

There wasn't much competition considering that there's only 3 groups contending for it and one was disqualified due to not showing up. But the other group was good too...Their tune was catchy and nice...perhaps what they need is better instrumentation and arrangement to improve the song?

I should had enter the competition too haha and wow people with my one hit wonder--> Fools

I think it's time for me to revamp the song and re-record it down.

Watch out ppl... Ah Fu the composer is back again!

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

The best mango juice!!!

For the folks who love mango juice... I found one of the best!!!

Sick and tired of the cheapo and lousy mango juice at Kopitiam?

Then this stall will give you a mango shiok!!!

Imagine for $2, they give you not 1 scoop, not 2 scoop but 2 big slices of mango!

And at times, they put in a whole fucking mango.... Sorry for the f*** word but it's realli damn amazing.

It's mango heaven as compared to the rest of the thin watery mango juice that other fruit stalls sell.

Go get it yar! It's at Excelsior Hotel's coffee shop!

Visit me when I'm working at Maestro during Mon, Thu or Sun and remembe to buy for me the mango juice k?

The wonders of blogging and tagging

To read a blog lets you gain an entry towards other people's world. There are quite a few nice people that I know through reading their blogs and tagging.

Somehow, it allow me to gain entry into their lifes and understand them much better. Especially the tag board, it seems to give a sense of closeness to me and the blogger. Who knows, maybe I will write a song about it?

Recently, I had overcome my period of depression. Somehow, I feel that it is not right for me to be depress and sad when the lead character has already move on.

Like what I had tagged in someone else's blog. Life is a journey down the river. Sometimes you will face rapids, Sometimes you will face waterfalls. But it is the never giving up and moving on spirt that counts. Now I'm back again on my little raft to go down the rapids of life.

Someone give me a life jacket?