Friday, February 29, 2008


Went to shoot Bailamos yesterday and showed hand.

Rented a D3 at $150 so that I can capture their full dance formation.

Therefore, I shot up to 3000 shots.

Which means I will need to spend days sorting out the pictures.

Next, I was talking to one of the dancers and realised that she reads my blog!

Wan lan eh... heng I never say she fat, ugly, or whatever things

(You are not fat or ugly ok)

K enough blabbering.. back to work and picture processing =)

And Flea if you are looking at this post, how much are you going to pay me for the photos muahahahha

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Tired Ah Fu... Updates to my life

What's new today?

1) I was at Chingay 2008 coz of the arrows by HQ. Therefore, I need to work from 7pm till 6am. Of coz, Ah Fu will go there early just to take the Staff Pass to take exclusive shots of the Chingay parade.

Apart from the shots of the F1 Car, I also did many shots for the nice crew from St James PowerStation. Hopefully they can give me a VIP Membership soon =)

2) I spend $$ again on a new lens... The Legendary 85 F1.4

How good is it? It's so amazing that I'm speachless... I just need to understand how it works through

3) I might be changing job. I'm tired of my current job although there are nice nice folks all around. Perhaps I'm not suitable to touch the world in this way. I still prefer to do things that I like, which is Sound, Photography and Music.

Hopefully my application goes thru =)

4) Vday was quite boring for me except that I send 3 roses to 3 nice ladies, namely Fortuna, Shili and Belinda. Hope that you all appreciate them

Alright, got to go back to work...

Sighz Sighz