Monday, October 31, 2005

Cupid's Arrow

Something that I wrote a year back...

Close my eyes, I think I'm lost again
Fantasize, What life will be again
With someone, to spend my life with
But how would I know, if she's meant for me?

Coz I'm standing here, lost again
Wondering what to do again
If she's the one that is meant for me
Or is Cupid wrong with his arrow again

Coz I'm standing here, lost again
Wondering what to do again
If she's the one that is meant for me
Or is Cupid wrong with his arrow.... Again

Saturday, October 29, 2005

My little corner again

This is dedicated to my dear Fifi...

The day has end, the lights has gone out
I'm searching for the exit sign to find the way out

The rain drops fall, as my heart sunk
The sky is downcast as I make my way back

The journey home is not the same anymore
The feelings has change, nothing is right again

I feel alone, there's nobody home
I feel the silence in the air as I hide in my little corner again....

Friday, October 28, 2005

Failure of the Save Fifi movement

I had failed...

Sometimes, trying hard is not enough... I felt so much a loser

Why must people be chained by rules and regulations. If you had taken ethics and had read John Struat Mill's Utilitarian theory. Then bending the rules for the greater good of all will be justifiable.

That is why in all our history of law and order, there are exceptions to the rulings. All this are established by all the judges in the past so that the future people can rely on this iron rulings.

Justice is hard and swift but sometimes, it is also full of reason, compassion and logic.

But today, my heart has died. And I refused to listen to all your logic. Logic and reason are just excuses to evade the real truth.

Since... forget it. Life is fucked up anyway...

I'm sick...broken...jaded... I feel like a used rag again

Fuck the world, Fuck SMU, Fuck the Rules and Regulations

Save the Fifi Movement

Ahmad Firdaus aka Fifi

Better known as Hon Gen Sec, SC Drums IC, Drummer for 7 Till Dawn

Now the E.P for the Post Modern Theater Studies Production.

Fifi, a guy that I will trust to run any event and any organization.

Fifi, a guy that I will trust to settle all my problems.

Fifi, a guy that I will entrust my life with.

That's Fifi.... A friend, A drummer, A brother, My Ahbang

In the past week, he was facing a dilemma, which was if he should continue to run for SA or run for ACF.

It took one performance, one Salsa event and some Studio Comm shit and 3 hrs with Ja and Jason for him to find his direction in life

And that direction is to run for ACF and bring Arts and Culture to greater heights

Unfortunately, he submited his application for ACF late and the Election Comm rejected his application. I understand that it's perfectly legal for them to reject it but I do hope that they can view it differently. If that someone can contribute much more to ACF and is unable to run coz of the submission rule, that I will ask that the rule be relax if he is able to gather enough support.

Let us all support Fifi in his crusade to run for ACF. To make ACF better, stronger and more powerful.

If any election comm ppl are reading this, sorry for that. I fully respect your decision but it doesn't meant I can't do anything to change it. I'm even willing to gave up and resign my position as Studio Comm chairperson. Tat is the extend that I will do for my Ahbang Fifi.

Sorry but he's worth it!!!!

The Chee Bye that wasted my time and cab fare....

From the title, you can tell that I'm pissed....

Of coz I'm pissed.. wat will you feel if you arrange to meet somone at 1015 and when you saw that you are going to be late, you rush to flag a cab to be just in time at 1015 and that person calls you up at 1045 to say that he just woke up.

Kaoz... simi lan jiao!!! Sigh.. tat's a good 10 bucks that I can spend on buying food or on cooking.

Instead, I waste it on a cab ride when the other party is late...

Kudos to you Jason Loo! I will not be on time next time I meet u....

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Fucked up Wednesday, Happy Thursday

My wednesday was quite fucked up.


1) I slept at 5am... and I missed Dawn Dekeles' makeup class.. which is bad coz I think she's one of the best prof around. I don't really like to disappoint her

2) After I end my ACF meeting at 11pm, I waited for 1/2 hr for a cab. Those cursed taxi drivers just ignored me... WTF... It's not as if i'm so small size right... Bloody hell man!

3) Event organizers in SMU realli know how to fuck people's day up with stupid requests and everchanging tech needs. Kaoz... Why let them plan when they don't noe how to plan things at all?

But luckily Thursday cheer me up alittle

1) I found another female that can cook, which means SMU gals ain't that bad after all. And she's willing to help out in the Amazing Ah Fu BBQs =) Steady right?

Candace, you go gal! Soon, we must exchange recipies soon yar?

2) Someone gave Ah Fu a flower. Wellz, not realli give me as the intention wasn't there. But at least I can literally say that a Chio Bu from Emix gave me a flower? Thanx Jun mei for making my week slightly better. Even when your way of giving flowers seems abit like bullying... But then most ppl bully me anyway.

3) Although I didn't manage to sell any guitar today, I manage to tok to some of the customers and get them interested in our product. Hope that they will return and buy from us!

4) Manage to tok to my ever busy xiao mei! Which is good coz it's being seriously a long time since I tok to her... Just hope that she can get her life in order. Don't be like me... with a fucked up life

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Finally, I found a girl that can cook! The Amazing Scarrie!

Finally... a girl in SMU that can cook!!!
The SMUBE and Sisimo girls should learn a thing or two from her yar!

This mystery gal is none other then Carrie! or Scarrie.... And she can realli eat too.

Sheesh... why are skinny girls blessed with the ability to eat alot and still remain skinny.

Life is so unfair...
But never mind, the Great Ah fu will not be Ah fu without the trademarked tummy right?

Now the amazing Carrie is giving Ah fu some pointers on cooking, but then it's being like 2 years plus since i make a full course meal. I do need to stop my bass playing, sound mixing and setting up of P.A system and pick up my trusty chopper and wok and start to cook!

Sigh... I do miss cooking alot =(

First official rant

The previous week was total madness.

5 Events with 3 happening on Friday. Mid Term on Sat and Projects to rush...

Sometimes I do feel that S.M.U is actually Stress Meant for U....

Yepz, you are correct! S.M.U gives you nothing but stress and worry, especially when you have eggheads and bimbos trying to run events when they don't event know what the hell they are doing. Sheesh... But then, I can't blame them... most clubs are understaff and overworked and they are just trying to do their best.... But at who's expense?

The people dying in silence are the nameless heros from Studio Comm and BE's Backstage. Kudos to Gerard, my evil twin for braving the week with me and looking after my back when I'm doing stupid things. Wellz, sometimes when you are nice, you hurt the people that care about you the most.

A big sorry to Marge and Jenny... If you read this post. I had in the past, always commited this mistake of being too helpful and help others at the expense of you all.


And of coz to dear Wanida, who's still doing her SIS projects, sorry for that and thank you for being there for me and covering my ass also. I own you a treat....wait...I own you more then a treat. I own you alot of Hoegarden and pizza (which I will make for u someday) Hope that it will make you happier and make you swear less.

Just hope that this coming week will be better.... but then it's too early to tell anyway... sigh

It's the beginning...Finally I had a blog...

Okz... Finally I gave in to the peer pressure by Darnie, Ja, Fifi and Noir.

Ah Fu has a blog!!! It will be on the various adventures of Ah Fu.

Be it in the kitchen cooking, or in the supermarket choosing prawns or mixing over the sound console, this blog will reflect on my little insights of life as I see it.

Yep, this will be my version of life and my little journey.

There's no pictures yet... unless anyone wanna model for me =)

Cheers and to more posts yar =)