Monday, July 31, 2006

End of Rummage...

Yes Rummage is over...

No more rushing ard like a mad miner trying to remove mikes and put on mikes..

No more helping Nicole Lee aka Victoria repair her facial miking tapes as it keeps on coming off due to her extensive over powerful sweat glands

No more sticking mikes on beautiful ladies anymore but when I'm sticking the mike on them, I feel like I'm touching pork...

No more crapping with and sharing cab back with my best frd Antz, New best frd Piak, Newest best frd, Jun.

No more delicious chicken rice from Seah Street and Lousy packaged food from God-knows-where

No more failure of mikes, especially the Kuek Lapis Girl! She's cursed to have mike failure! Except for the last day....When it finally decide to work!

No more usage of Alcohol swaps to clean the mikes of the Er-Xin make-up and tape for the cast.

No more delicious eye candies and fabulous dances anymore =x

And of coz, lastly, No more SMU productions anymore as this is my last one...

Good job! Emix, Caderas, Studio Comm, BE and the ad-hoc good frd and boyfrd brigade.

All of you had done damn well!

Questions people ask you during Interviews

Interview 1 -

Interviewer: How much Alchohol can you drink ah?

Me: erm... 1 jug?

Interviewer: So little?! You confirm will knock out in 15 mins!

Me: Erh... At the most I don't drink lah! Bring medicine to fake sickness lor

Interviewer: But isn't that being a wet blanket?

Me: But then, if I don't drink, I can be sober. Then I can take care of our guest and make sure they go back in one piece. I'm suppose to entertain them but also ensure their safety right? So I better don't drink =)

Interviewer: Not bad ah, your idea.

Interview 2

I: Since we know each other liaoz, might as well bypass the job agency lah. Better right?

M: Eh... can't lei...When the job agency send me here, there's a contract binding me to the agency. Unless it's a different job, I can't accept it like this. Besides, even if there's no contract, I will not accept as it's a matter of integrity.

I: K you pass the intergrity test! =)

M: Huh? A test? -_-"

K this are the stuff that I kenna during my interviews. I'm getting stronger in my interview skills...Hopefully I can get a job soon sigh... Being unemployed sux!!!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

A good day yesterday, A bad day today...

Yesterday was an amazing day!


1) Met Darnie for Mek Bah Soup (Mutton Soup)

2) Go swimming and sun-tanning at the new Tampines Swimming Pool

3) Saw two bikini babes sun-tanning

4) Caught a great movie called Re-cycle (I drag Darnie to watch, which he didn't regret)

5) Went to Changi Village for a great Nasi Lemak meal and manage to experience the best satay that's cooked just nice! Abit burned but very juicy!!!

But today is bad coz....

1) I got sun-burned from the swim yesterday

2) I got flu again

3) I am suffering from Re-cycle Hangover

4) I screw up the Pan Pacific Hotel HR Interview...

Life sux after u just enjoyed it...



When things you thrown away or abandon, comes back to you to haunt you

When things you had forgetten becomes angry and filled with hate at you for abandoning them

Yes, this is the story of Re-Cycle. The story of a novelist who attempts to write a ghost story but meets with something more then she can bargain for...

She enters another world, a world created by everybody, a world that's created by things that are abandoned and forgotten.... Toys, Stories, Ideas, even Aborted Foetus and Graves can be found there.

How can she get out? Why is there an old man and a little girl helping her? What's their objectives? Why is there a ghostly lady in red that hunts her down?

All will be revealed in this horror triller with a touching twist about family and bonds.

And yes... I cried too.

So if you are looking for a 5 Star movie that doesn't stink like pirates or is cheesy like superman, go for Re-cycle.

It's a movie that will set you thinking....

The best Lamb ChopI ever tasted

Lamb chop is always the hardest thing to prepare. The strong smell, the toughest etc. makes it hell for most cooks.

For me, I have the great luck to taste Lamb Cutlet from the Sentosa Resort.

Yes! The Sentosa Resort! Not the Sentosa Coasta Sands Resort!

Why am I at the Sentosa Resort? Had I won bets on World Cup to afford a stay there?

Nope... I don't gamble!

The reason why I'm at the Sentosa Resort is to do sound for a wedding!

A wedding that engaged a damn power-packed singer called Lina with her band, both acoustic and Latin.

So there I am with Erik and Antz on The ROCKKERR Express towards sentosa with tons of equipment.

Yes, Good Ol' Sentosa, the land of endless bikinis (Which I didn't see any on that day coz it's a FORMAL EVENT)

Once we reach there and unload, we procede to setup with our superhuman speed =)

Only to face with a problem, the band and wedding planner is not there yet..

So we wait and wait until both sides come down and sit down and DISCUSS and FINALIZE the location, which by then, gives us limited time to do our job.

But no fear, we are trained liaoz =0

So there it goes, we completed the setup and sound check on time and with a SMILE too. And all of us waited for the food that never came.

Lina asked the Wedding Planner and was quite pissed off by her. But of coz, it wasn't this thing that pissed her's many other issues too...Maybe we should call Lina the CATWOMAN coz she was clawing all ard.

Finally, an answer came that we could order the Ala Carte menu, which we did.

And it's damn good stuff that's damn expensive too.. but luckily it's free!

K I know u are all bored liaoz... I shall go on to the lamb chop.


4 pieces of Lamb, grilled to medium rare, still juciy and tender with a cranberry sauce to counter the strong musky flavor of lamb...

It's so OMGZ!!!

If only I can cook like tat... I was so damn happy that I manage to do a sound so good that the acoustic guitarist asked me what kind of settting did I set for his Bass Channel.

Sigh... Now I'm missing that lamb chop... anyone wanna sponsor me 34++++ for that?

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Updates again =)

Ok... Life sux why?

1) I crushed 2 fingers last week. My middle finger kenna a tapco juice power amp when I was trying to rack it up. My pinky kenna a waferdale pro evp15 powered monitor when moving up the lorry. This meant my playing kinda sux due to the pain...

Looking on the bright side, at least it wasn't the Mackie Speakers or Yamaha C15s, those will realli break my finger

2) Morphesis debut at Milk Run went run when the sound engineer never turn on Lester's mike...All the rehearsals and the almost perfect sound check all went down the drain when this happened.... But at least we manage to impress the crowd during our soundcheck... I think all the cheerleaders were wowed by our soundcheck...Too bad the actual thing failed... Na Bei =x

3) I gotten back my transcript and degree scroll... It only read a normal degree...Not even a Merit... Kaoz...The morale of the story is to focus on studies and not do so much shit for the school until you have no time to study...

4) My Bank Account is ZERO! Si liaoz... All the cabs and eating out is realli taking a toll on my bank account. I need $$$$$$ n more $$$$$! Sigh sigh

5) The Stage It's production marked the end of my Studio Comm...finally it's all over. Never will they find people to do all their shit. I'm encouraging people like LN, Joy etc. to seek gigs outside coz they can make it. And of coz the rest of the Studio Commies. We can make our living outside already, why bother so much for SMU... Waste our time only...

6) I have problems reading my own blog on IE... Nabei Microsoft... why can't you be smarter and better.... =x