Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Kill me

Just kill me...
As you rip my heart away
Leaving a hole that's here to stay
With nothing to replace

Just kill me...
As you crash my world again
Leaving pieces falling down
A fear tat's unfound

As I walk to you, the look on your face
Is enough to kill me, kill me
over again

As I walk to you, the look on your face
Is enough to kill me, kill me
Drivnig me insane...

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Important of Good Headphones

Ever felt that your MP3 or CDs sound like crap?

Ever wondered how the music should sound like according to the producer?

Then get a pair of good studio monitoring Headphones!

This will allow you to hear the soft nuanes and the pingpong delays and the swerving from left to right tht the producer and director painstakenly layered into the song

And it will make you appreciate music more!

Don't know what's good?

Then buy Audio Technica ATH30! Less then S$70! Much better then those silly things you get at most CD shops or Electrical Shops!

If you want to listen to music, then you need to get what the recording pros use!

Friends...True or Not?

I just ended a show in SMU and wish to thank the following people for support:

Weekwang, Shuting, Shuhui, Annie (Good Brother), Fifi for organizing the gig, Gerard for ensuring all is ok. Even Zhihon who had along day with dance practice showed face.

Which brings me to a topic of friends and friendship....

In the past, I had done alot for many people I considered friends, showering them endless love and care, doing things even to my expenses... But where are they now?

Gone with the wind....

But when they need me, they will think of me...

Thinking of how I will do the best to clear shit that's not mine...

This silly fool whom they can use and discard...

Actually, I don't ask for much, but if i care that much about you as a frd, including going for all your shows and performances etc, the very least you all can do, is show up or give me support etc.

Wellz, people will ask me not to think too much and that they might be busy... But then I think it's just being fair...

If this guy go all out to help you, at least you should show some appreciation right?

I guess that's wrong with people nowadays... They don't stop and think and thank all those that help them...

And that will be something I will remind myself to do everyday

To thank everyone that help me in my journey of life...
And that's why there's an Amazing Ah Fu BBQ

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Love and Girls...

Recently I had being doing some research about woman, girls, love etc.

And I realise alot of things about this topic and what I had done wrong.

Yes...Finally I realise my mistakes and I'm slowly changing to adapt to it...

People learn from experience and seriously, it's time for me to gain some....

Coz whenever you fail, you learn, if you don't, you are doomed to fail!

* This doesn't mean that I will go around falling in love, flirting around just to get experience in love... It just means that I will be more daring when I'm in love... The problem now is finding a girl suitable =)

I hate Goldfish

I don't realli like Goldfishes

Perhaps it's the eyes, big and scary

Perhaps it's the way they speak?

Perhaps it's the way they do things, just caring about themselves and whining to the world as if their problems are the biggest

Why am I blogging about this?

Coz there's a goldfish at work who always tries to go home early, start work late...
Whine at all times...
Demand you to answer questions and ask "You know or not?" in a way that not knowing means you are dumb...

I realise I don't realli like this type of fellow worker...

I never pulled my rank as manager b4, I just hope that I never will but it's coming close...

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Why I like my job

1) The job title sounds good (Assisitant Manager sure beats associates or executives anytime)

2) The pay allows me to spend alittle bit more and buy all my bass items

3) I get to know the gahmen much more

4) My social circle increases

5) My lobang circle increases

6) My stomach inches increases too due to the free and complusory food during events, weddings, adhoc makan sessions

7) I get to msn during work

8) I learn something new about the gahmen everyday

9) I can arrange for meetings so that I can escape from work =)

10) I understand how lucky I am in life when I meet those more unfortunate then me, and believe me, there are alot of them!

This is FATE

Fate has being kind to me recently!

Remember my recent found of a good Ramli Burger Stall at a Pasar Malam?

Once it ended, I tot that's it... no more good ramlis, only to find the same store at the Pasar Malam setup near my office due to my RC Zone 1 fund raising.

So now i'm getting fatter everyday, eating my fave ramli burgers, cooked to Malaysia perfection!


Friday, January 19, 2007

Woes of New Shoes

Alright, after months of pestering from my mom, who's concern abt the botakness of my shoes, I went to buy a pair of Doc Martens.

Yes, the legendary Doc Martens, said to be the most durable leather shoes ard, use by many ppl coz it's anti slip on water, oil, chemical etc.

And now I'm a proud owner of a pair of Doc Martens and 4 big blisters...

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Working Woes

Working life has never being that bad until now.

In the past, I could survive a week with 3 events, 2 meetings and endless residents complaining etc. due to the fact that I can Rest and Relax during my two OFF Days...

But now... I'm facing the same shit but no more OFF Days?

What happen to my five day work week?

Didn't they promise 2 days Off?

NO! They are burnt to the ground until it's as crispy as KFC!

Courses, Events, Covering of Duties, Retreats...

There you go, No more OFFs...

No rest, No relaxing, No recharging... so Low Morale =x


Saturday, January 06, 2007

I love Ramli

Alright... I realli love Ramli Burgers, specially those with Malaysian Standard.

Unfortunately, most pasar malams in Singapore don't realli have good Ramli, except for the recent one I just tried.

1) The Burger patty is over the pan, not deep-fried

2) The patty is carefully sliced open to ensure even cooking

3) The aroma of the patty is like the malaysian version

4) They even have Ramli Raja! Which is two patties at the sweet price of $3.50 only

5) Watching the chef prefer Ramli Raja with Egg is enough to give you orgasm! My gosh... Look at his skill!

Enough of my rantings, you have to see it, buy it and taste it for yourself!

Remember, a good ramli is one that will make you buy it, even when u have stomach flu!

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Curses of the IT Help-Desk

I change upon a blog recently complaining from the failure of Oasis and being unable to log-in to check classes and stuff, reminding myself of my former SMU love-hate relationship with CIT and currently, my love-hate relationship with PA Help Desk (I'm working in People's Association)

As with any good big organization, the IT Support is always being outsourced. And of coz, alot of problems come alot with it like:

1) Foreign Talents with Foreign Accent

How am I going to understand Inglish (Indian's english) or Pnglish (Philliphino's English)? The Helpdesk is suppose to be helpful not Velpful or anything else. I'm calling to ask for help, not to play english decoder...I'm a Singaporean... Give me Good English or Singlish!

2) Virus and Spyware is the root of all problems... NOT!

After getting thru to the Helpdesk after like 2-3 calls, they always like to attribute the problem to Virus or Spyware... which is often not the cause of the problem. Why can't they do their job and really work on solving our problems instead of blaming virus and spyware and saying this is the best they can do?

3) We are not stupid! It's just that we don't have your arsenal of technological toys

Do you always have a feeling that the IT ppl thinks that you are a bimbo /himbo and talks to you in a careful manner so that you can understand... Yes I know what's a ram, what's a harddisk, what's USB, and I even know how to download Adaware! Just stop thinking that I'm stupid!!!

4) Being persistent is the only solution of your problem

Do you always feel that the IT guys are playing ping-pong with you, bouncing you all around? Just be firm and make sure that if they screw you up, who's going to answer for it? Can they do your work for you? And when appointments are made and they forget, give them hell!

I managed to get my PC done up after numerous calls, 3-4 reformats, a change of harddisk just to discover that the memory chip is faulty... (The PC keep on giving hints, which the IT ppl choose to ignore, stating it's "normal" and the PC needs to settle down)

So be persistent and insist on getting it corrected! You maybe able to get your PC working or at least an IT Guy coming over to "solve" your problems

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Aftermath of the New Year

Alright New Year Celebrations seems slightly interesting this year.

New Year Eve Dinner at Maestro became a highly fattening gathering due to alcohol, Pizza and other high fat / calories items.

Good food, Good alcohol, Good companions made the dinner quite memorable.

Hope that this becomes a yearly tradition (Hints Hints to the new Maestro F&B Manager)

After the dinner, Shuting took my first time.

I lost my virginity to her that nite.......

Before you all start to think "dirty tots", she took the virginity of my Credit Card, my first time by having a shiokedelic Ice Cream at Hagen Daz.

And yes, my first Credit Card (Not Debit Card, but a CITIBANK Platinum Card) lost it's first time to Shuting and I didn't get any ang pow =(

After this "scadalious" ice cream session, I went to Antz place for Countdown. Enjoyed great company of my Rotaract friends over Chocolate Fondue, Chips, Watching of Taxi n Taxi 2 and of coz, our amazing science experiment using sparkles =)

New Year Day itself was quite boring apart from going to Esplanade with Ant, Nike and Gerard to watch Gilbert, who never fails to amaze and entertain.

But of coz, things changed due to an sms from Justina, which made all of us go to MOS.

MOS was quite interesting, considering I went in wearing Crocs, which proved my point that with a Platinum Credit Card, you can get into anyplace, wearing anything (as long as it's decent).

MOS's music didn't struck a chord with me. The main area's R&B was too loud, most likely due to the Martin Audio's Horn system. The Retro area's music reminded me of Velvet Underground. Sigh...Zouk's Mambo music is still the best! =)

And now, I'm back in office, while everyone is sleeping, ranting and blogging, wasting time..... Sad right?

Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year!

Hiya All! Happy New Yr to all my friends and readers!

Now, my new year resolution will be:

1) To spend less $

2) To lose weight

3) To be more confident of myself

4) To be a better person and friend

Also, I'm also annoucing that the amazing ah fu BBQ which I always organize, will not be happening anymore coz I'm tired...