Monday, March 12, 2007

Having fun with Nikon =)

Nikon, At the heart of the image...How true is this tagline for Nikon Cameras as I was "volunteered" by my MAEC Chairman to take photos for the event.
My original thought was that sianz... this is going to be boring until I see how intense the matches were, especialy with all our Malay friends trying to act like Brue Lee.
I managed to capture quite alot of Brue Lee shots but I really like this one. This really shows how intense the matches were, with both sides' star player going all out.
Of coz... many of you will ask me why post this instead of the IT Show babes, didn't you went there for 3 days just to take pictures?
Wellz, I prefered this picture instead of the hundreds that I took of the IT show... These, my frds, is the HEART OF THE IMAGE, proudly brought to you by a Nikon


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