Sunday, March 25, 2007

My adventure with Reservist

Alright, Prataz is back from Reservist and you can guess that it's going to be complain time... Wellz, what can I do but complain about this yearly planned holidays by the man in green? The timing suck! The location suck! And the food suck the most! Of coz there's so many other things that suck, but I can't say it out loud... Who knows ISD maybe reading my blog =)

1) Location....

My Camp is located at some ulu ulu ulu place... So ulu that taxi drivers refuse to take me there unless I ON-CALL them... The cabfare from Tampines to there cost ard $25 - $30 bucks... Now you know why I rather stay in camp then go out during nights out etc. It's too fucking ulu and expensive to go out!

2) Lack of resources...

The Army is quite steady....until you are reservist =/

My office don't even have most basic of stationary until I request, beg, borrow, borrow without asking, stun etc. from other places. Sigh... They should pass us stationary etc. everytime we go for reservist so that noone will be penless =)


EEEIIII... That's the worst part... Imagine a cookhouse that can even make fries taste bad. I think even Gracia can cook better then them (Sorry babe) Therefore, my reservist was always spend at the Canteen, eating nice cooked food from proper kitchen, and burning a hole in my wallet -_-"

4) The back to Office and OMG there's like millions of mail and work to clear

Going for Reservist is bad when most people don't notice you are having reservist and still ask you to follow up on work and call you to complain that you never do, and go "Ops sorry, I don't know you reservist lei..." My gosh.. don't you read my auto reply mailer that I'm on Reservist?

And of coz, works starts to pile up and you will surely die from the Tsunami =/

Alrighty, I shall quit whining and start working and p.s I just bought a Dry Cabinet from my camera and lenses =) Going to keep them nice and dry so that when I go on vacation etc. They will be safe and sound =)


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