Friday, July 03, 2009

I'm back!

After slacking off for one year +

I'm back to blogging again.

Stay tune for more updates

Monday, May 19, 2008

Why we pay ERP n GST

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Republic of Sillypore,

It's very important for you to understand the need for you to pay the ERP and the GST.

This is to pay for your right to stay in Sillypore to be safe and sound from Natural Disasters like:





Floodings (Ok we get that but the PUB will take care of it, which means we need more GST)

We even survived the Asian Financial Crisis, Almost going to happen bombings, and other crazy insane incidents that happen elsewhere but not here.

So be happy and glad that you live here and not elsewhere.

In here, you pay to be safe and sound so, please Pay And Pay

Friday, February 29, 2008


Went to shoot Bailamos yesterday and showed hand.

Rented a D3 at $150 so that I can capture their full dance formation.

Therefore, I shot up to 3000 shots.

Which means I will need to spend days sorting out the pictures.

Next, I was talking to one of the dancers and realised that she reads my blog!

Wan lan eh... heng I never say she fat, ugly, or whatever things

(You are not fat or ugly ok)

K enough blabbering.. back to work and picture processing =)

And Flea if you are looking at this post, how much are you going to pay me for the photos muahahahha

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Tired Ah Fu... Updates to my life

What's new today?

1) I was at Chingay 2008 coz of the arrows by HQ. Therefore, I need to work from 7pm till 6am. Of coz, Ah Fu will go there early just to take the Staff Pass to take exclusive shots of the Chingay parade.

Apart from the shots of the F1 Car, I also did many shots for the nice crew from St James PowerStation. Hopefully they can give me a VIP Membership soon =)

2) I spend $$ again on a new lens... The Legendary 85 F1.4

How good is it? It's so amazing that I'm speachless... I just need to understand how it works through

3) I might be changing job. I'm tired of my current job although there are nice nice folks all around. Perhaps I'm not suitable to touch the world in this way. I still prefer to do things that I like, which is Sound, Photography and Music.

Hopefully my application goes thru =)

4) Vday was quite boring for me except that I send 3 roses to 3 nice ladies, namely Fortuna, Shili and Belinda. Hope that you all appreciate them

Alright, got to go back to work...

Sighz Sighz

Monday, January 21, 2008

Interesting thing today...

1) I blackmailed my colleauge to treat me a mail by using unglam photos of him

2) I tried to eat healthy by eating yogurt

3) I refused to burn 881 songs into a CD for a Grassroot Leader... Then he say I forget abt him liaoz and ignore him. While talking to me, his syliva was pouring all ard... sibei erxin.

Sigh Sigh

And I'm down with flu also

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Help Ah Fu answer this questions Pls

Today, I encountered something interesting:

It was raining cats and dogs today. Then a resident came towards the Counter with a kitten, saying "Excuse me, there's a kitten here that is wet from rain. What to do ah?"

So what should I answer?

1) This is CC, not SPCA. We only deal with residents, not kittens

2) Wah... The kitten so kelianz, How abt you bring it home since you like cats

3) EEeeiii! I afraid of cats one! Go away!

4) Does the kitten and yourself want to register as a Passion Card member? Or maybe apply for the latest Tai Chi Course?

How abt the rest of you all? What should I reply to the guy and the kitten?

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Happy New Year 2008! + Updates

Dear all readers (If there's any readers)


How did all of you spend your new year?

Was it counting down at siloso, marina or suntec?

Or spending it in a hotel or chalet with your pals and love ones

Nethertheless, make sure it's fun and shiok, coz it's also a time to show your appreciation of your friends and of life itself.

Now lets go to the updates:

1) I improve my alcohol tolerance to 5 bottles (1 Pint) of beer!

This happened on sunday at Dragonfly after shooting Ngak and the AMPs debut performance.
Too much Yum Seng and Hair Pee 2008 and wala, I survived 5 bottles =)

2) Taxi is damn expensive after 5pm.

A trip from Bugis to Funan on Bus is ard 70 cents to 90 cents.

A trip from Bugis to Funan on taxi is ard SGD 7.00++

So Eugene and Meiju, you better be fucking touched that I took the taxi from Bugis to Funan just to see you all for 30 mins! So in March, you better treat me to a meal when you both are back from CAmbodia

3) I'm back into shooting portraits

I am now joining more portrait shoots to improve my skill as a photographer. I do need to improve my skill so that I can do a couple portrait for Darnie and Emily.